One of my passions is definitely photography, the cameras I have owned over the years may have certainly evolved as have my skills but the pleasure in capturing a scene or a moment remains.

My trusty Canon EOS 7D and collection of lenses have traveled the world with me and allows me to capture moments with which to remember my travel or to inspire dreams for the travels to come. This category serves as a collection for the photographs I have taken and for the photographs to come.

Singapore 2008

Hong Kong November 2009

Singapore – Johor Bahru – Jakarta Feb 2009

Various Road Trips

Night Sky

The skies above us abound in such beautiful wonders to be seen and explored.

Where can our imaginations take us?

night sky

Road Trip December 2012

Perth Wildcats vs Woolongong Hawks December 2012

Bali November 2012

Improving Post

Some HDR experimentation

Below are two HDR images that I took while on a road trip down south, one is a more realistic blend and the other uses colour saturation.