Well I discovered a couple of things this morning, firstly I should probably carry a notebook around with me however that would probably necessitate the need to carry around a shoulder bag or some such to keep it in as I found that I don’t particularly like writing on my phone very much it feels rather inconvenient however it does have the added benefit of being able to cut and paste sentences around in different orders rather easily. That one came in handy this morning whilst I jotted something out on the bus on my way into work for the day, the final version was about 3 cuts into it of differing orders and happened over the course of about 15 minutes.

The other is on the Galaxy S 4 there is the S Note a handy little notepad, well it turns out that it isn’t so handy as the amount of space you are able to use before it tells you memo is full is rather limiting, it’s kinda more like a post it note app rather than a true notepad as you don’t get a page; Might have to migrate over to office if I continue jotting on my phone.

Was catching up on facebook on my daily commute to work and there were a few posts and phrases that gave me the idea of this, so I wrote it for a friend.



Though I may run,
Though I may fight,
Though I fall and rise again,
My worth of self shall never wane.

Demons rise and demons fall,
This pain though real, I shall defeat them all.
Run and fight through this long night,
Because I know I will be all right.

Fight or flight,
Forget the pain
As here I stand dancing in the rain.


I had somewhere I was going with this in my head, but like many thoughts I sometimes have it proved somewhat fleeting, hopefully it returns to visit at some point, if anyone wants to finish it feel free to contribute ūüėõ

“Though each rose may have its thorn,
And each dark night yields a dawn.
Among these contradictions I walk forlorn.”

Reflection (First Take)

Gazing upon a mirror what is it I see,
a visage, a vestige of all that is me.
Decisions once made can’t be undone,
Left scratching our heads wondering what it is that won.

Mistakes that have been made,
Many words left unspoken.
All these things threaten to leave me broken.

The things that I am, and all I have been,
Shown once more upon this reflection of me.

With strength and honour, have faith and hope.
You can use these things and build your rope.
Just ask yourself is this reflection truly me,
Is all that is reflected all you shall be.

The ‘morrow (version 1)

Well this at least fleshes out the imagery and concepts that I wanted to turn into a poem, overall I don’t think it flows particularly right so I figure it is a work in progress and may as well record it so I don’t forget it and can come back to it later. I really do wish I was better at articulating things that tend to circulate around in my noggin.

“Dwell not on yesterday for its race has been done,
Of lessons, tribulations and battles now won.
Good or Bad; right or wrong,
We each search for where we belong.

Pain and regret companions now,
Make your choice; to whom do you bow?

Dwell not upon the past you cannot change,
For if you do what shall remain?
Unto us we are given each day,
With it shall you find a way?

With each night the ‘morrow comes,
Can you figure out what must be done?

Although the past now feels prearranged,
The future is yours, it can be changed.
Walk through each day as if it’s your last,
For mortal lives they go too fast.

Have you figured out what has been done?
For with each new day you have already won.”

Blue Eyes

On the train on the way to work today I sat opposite a woman that we mutually kept looking at each other, from my point of view it was due to the fact that her eyes hit me like a freight train.

If there is one thing that I know, it is sadness and it is something that I have seen reflected back at me over several years whenever I looked in a mirror through my own eyes but to see such a deep level of sadness from another that was controlling their outward appearance was truly staggering and I will admit feeling bad that someone had gotten to the point of feeling that way. Whilst we all have our stories and I do not know the circumstances around her or what drove home those feelings I couldn’t help but be moved.

Aside from the ode to the bear, owl and wolf that I still wish to write I felt the urge to write something and although it is unlikely that we will cross paths again it is my way of saying; Hey, I saw and I hope that things look up for you, and it is ok to not control your outward appearance all the time especially with emotions like that.

This is a departure from the standard structure that my poetry has taken since I have started writing yet, and if anyone wants to offer criticism please feel free; My focus with this was on the imagery and a disjointed approach to the structure.

 Blonde locks caressing a gentle face
you sit so close, yet oh so far.
Your eyes search mine
from across the way.

Such pain!

Eyes are gateways to our souls
the pain you hold shining as bright as day.
Unassuming gentle face
sadness and sorrow brighter than any star.

Sat so close, yet so far away
Remember; No rainbow without the rain!

Notes I jotted down for it:

Unassuming face
Blue clouded eyes
Sorrow and pain
Feeling Alone

Tears v2

Been wanting to improve my writing skills a lot more of late and have been drafting some stuff. When it comes to concepts and delivering imagery I don’t usually have a great deal of issue as my mind is constantly churning stuff over phrasing to convey the desired effect though is not my strongest suit. I used to be quite good, and like all skills I guess I will improve as I continue to practice as it really isn’t something I have done for a long time. On prompting from a friend I re-wrote one of my earlier poems to remove excess words and improve the flow.


Sat alone in thought upon this night,
A world you once held to be most bright.
Wonderment of things held dear,
Driving towards what you most fear.

Sat alone you shed your tears,
Find strength within: Stand and conquer your fears!
Shadows of the past surround you no more,
The moment you chose to walk through that door.

Wondering alone why it is you feel,
Emotions serve to remind you are real.
The easiest of paths, a mere illusion,
Stand once more and fight the confusion.

Tears remind you who you are,
The fight you faced to come this far.
Whilst the past has set the tone,
You will never stand alone.

A Time to Remember

Though the sun may set upon old battlefields,
A sword now sheathed, no reason to wield.
To friends, and foes now long since rest,
I thank those men that gave their best.

Those that have, and are willing to serve,
Unto us you leave a memory preserved.
The scars you carry: Both outside and in,
Bring them out in the open – it is not a sin.

Those who stand, being haunted by their past,
Our future you fought for, we hope it may last.
The world this day, we stand in your debt,
Unto you we say; Lest we forget.

“Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it” ~¬†George Santayana

First of all, a rather big thank you to Heemi for helping me flesh out the poem from its’ infancy, certainly turned out far better than the first version that is for sure.

Being part of the Commonwealth countries (for Queen and country! and associated frivolities) today marks remembrance / poppy day marking the end of what was known at the time as the Great War, and the war to end all wars but sadly these days is known as World War I and it is a time for reflection and remembrance and to pay our respects to the people that gave their lives on the respective battlefields.  Whilst I may personally be against war and armed conflict and hold the perhaps naive belief that everything should be able to be resolved by communication and compromise I am also a realist. No matter how much you may try and the choices that you make chances are there will always be someone out there that will see something differently and it will not achieve a resolution through discussion, and if you are attacked by another party you do not have much choice but to defend yourselves and your home if you wish to keep it, your way of life and your beliefs.

Irrespective of what your or in this case my individual beliefs may be there are many in this world that make the choice to bear arms and to fight for a cause or their country and in some cases they may even be defending your homes or your right to believe or hate them whichever the case may be. And whilst personally I wish they were not necessary I believe that those who choose to serve deserve our respect. To all the men and women whom have fought, bled and died over the years in armed conflict both close to home and abroad I thank you. Whilst personally I do not think I could bear arms unless my home was threatened as I do not believe I have the right to end the life of another, I am in your debt for ensuring that I have the right not to and for that you have my respect, and I will never forget the sacrifices that have been made over the years


Alone you sit here this night,
Wondering what happened to the world so bright.
Why is it the ones we hold most dear,
Can push us towards what we most fear?

Alone you sit shedding your tears,
Knowing within you can conquer your fears.
The easy path presented merely an illusion,
Only you can stand up and fight your confusion.

Alone you wonder why you should continue to feel,
Your emotions serve to remind you that you are real.
Shadows uncaring and unfeeling are you no more,
Once you chose to walk through that door.

Let these tears remind you of who you are,
And the reason why you have come this far.
Although events of the past may have set the tone,
Remember that you never stand alone.

Overall I think I definitely need to keep working on my poetry style, I used to be quite good and I feel my current attempts are somewhat lacking but I still feel the push to keep writing.

As much as I thought I was moving past things I guess I still have a ways to go yet. Historically when it comes to emotions I tend to simply bury them and never actually really deal with anything which is something I have been trying to work on over the last few years and whilst I have successfully moved from the whole uncaring and unfeeling position I had allowed myself to get to actually processing how I feel is still not the easiest of things, especially with something I actually cared a great deal about.

In a lot of ways it would be easier to go down the same path again, but I know where that leads and have no intention of ever ending up back there again so whilst I may still shed tears I am reminded of what was real and mattered to me and that should never be let go of simply for convenience.  And although it may still hurt now I can and will get there.

Trying to write again

When I was younger I used to write a fair amount, be it short stories or poetry. The last year or so I have had many ideas for short stories but aside from starting them I have not done much more than write out the general idea. In regards to poetry though the only poems that I have written were around my feelings for my fiancee at the time and I haven’t really written much else. Decided to try my hand at writing something about the darker times in my life that I have been through, the sad thing is I can’t really tell if it is even reasonable these days.

Through the shadows of the night,
We often struggle to see the light.
What we see and what we are,
Can often seem to be so far.

We can accept that which we see,
Or we can fight for all that we can be.

The past left done,
You can choose what to become.
Sit in shadows or walk in light,
We all can make it through the night.

True happiness always seems to be swindled,
Within yourself your own light dwindles.

Day and night, light and dark,
Through this life we make our mark.
That which is, was and will always be,
Shall forever remain memories to me.

Often I wonder why I should continue to fight,
The answer is because it is right.
Who I am and who I will be,
Shall only be decided by me.

Overall I have been feeling a call to rekindle my creative side for awhile now, in part my photography helps in this regard however I think it is time to try to keep writing.

Some HDR experimentation

Below are two HDR images that I took while on a road trip down south, one is a more realistic blend and the other uses colour saturation.