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Road Trip April 2012

Take a moment

It has struck me that in the modern society we live in everyone increasingly seems to be stuck in their own little world, too busy and barely noticing all the other little ants doing exactly the same thing around them.

Everyone seems so stressed and content to remain within their own little bubble not taking the time to think that hey everyone around me is in the same boat! It is often so easy to forget the “niceties” of life in our haze and not use our please and thank you’s when dealing with others. Sometimes though when we are feeling down or crushed by the weight of the world around us a smile can go a long way in brightening the lives of those around us and in turn brighten your own. It is because of this philosophy that I try to live my life slightly different.

In life the old saying that you reap what you sow is accurate, if you want to invite positive energy into your life, you must first start with being positive to those around you. To that end if you see me on the street chances are you will be greeted with a smile, or a stupid looking grin if something is on my mind at the time. If I have any dealings with you I will aim to close with a thank you and a wish for you to have a great day.

These are simple things, no?

But in the action of simply being positive I have found that we can actually spread this to others, a well placed smile or regard for your fellow human being can make the world of difference when they are feeling down and that the world simply does not care. The truth is the world more often than not does care (or I would like to think so at any rate) however we always seem too busy and wrapped up in our own little world to show it.

Spare a smile for a stranger, because someday when you need it most one may do the same for you and bring light to the darkness.