Monthly Archives: May 2013


Well it is only a week off ending the final month in the fifth month of this year and I sit here reflecting back on the months that have made up this year.

I notice I am not overly active on facebook, this is likely to be something that won’t change; The whole 21st century mindset of share every little thing that happens in our daily lives with people we know / met once has never really sat well with me. It serves a purpose and allows me to keep in touch with people that I don’t always get to see.

I started this year off wondering what it would bring and a wish for you all to reach further, achieve much and cry less.

This year has certainly been an interesting one thus far; it has had it’s high moments and even some low ones to boot. But overall I like how it is shaping up.

A snapshot of the year thus far:

January – Got seriously sick for the first time since 2009 after injuring my leg causing me to cancel a trip to Bali (it’s ok I go there way too often anyway)

February – A death in the family prompted an impromtu trip to the United Kingdom, I got to experience days of sub-zero tempreture and love them and be reminded again of why I love it there so much.

Oh? And I also got to see Nottingham castle, and drink in a pub older than my country.

March – An overall quiet month, heading towards the low moments of the coming months

April – This was a busy month for me, it had it’s high moments and it’s lowest of the low for me but overall it stands positive for me as far as the year goes.
1. I hit 31, the realization that I am indeed getting old is setting in as I cement my position in the 30’s
2. Took a trip to the United States that I had been looking forward to, got to see many new sights (Los Angeles / Tijuana / Border near Arizona / Conneticut / Rhode Island)
3. Tragedy once again striked in Boston and the subsequent fear and carnage reminds me that although there is hope for society in my view, there are still some seriously fucked up people
4. I asked question of an amazing woman; And she said yes!
5. Found out my mother’s cancer had returned this time in her brain

May – An old foe is faced for my mother who has come out exceptionally well, and will continue to face whatever challenges come along. I have an amazing and beautiful fiancee that I have known and loved for almost half of my life. I am considerably fitter than I started the year off at and have lost 20kg to boot.

We never know what the future may bring, we can have faith that the things that we want and that are important to us will come / work out, but sometimes we have to grab onto them ourselves and make the future happen.

I hope everyones year is shaping up well.