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Taking the long way home

So it looks like I am taking a round about way home all be it unintentionally. Left work a little bit later than usual tonight but made it to Freo just in time for my bus. 520 pulls up so I jump on and am on my way however in between pulling up and leaving he had changed from a 520 to a 532. Whilst the same end destination this route doesn’t go anywhere near my house so I discovered when the diverge about half way through so I will have a probably long wait for a bus back home or a 4ish km walk, I think I will go for the walk ūüôā

It may not have been part of the plan for this evening but the way I see it the universe is giving me some time to enjoy the beautiful hues across the sky this evening. I refuse to let small inconveniences affect my mood and hopefully can flesh out some poem and story ideas on the walk home.


Wow that bus route certainly takes the long way around! Some routes are kinda senseless after the main section for the first 10 minutes where pretty much all buses follow I was the only one on there for the remainder of the trip through to Cockburn Central but much better than walking home from Fremantle at any rate. I did end up doing the walk back home from there according to runkeeper the freeway route was 3.7km long to my house so the estimate of 4kmish was pretty close and I did it in 37 minutes giving me an average pace of a smidgen above 6kph which used to really hurt to sustain but had no issues. ¬†Been months since I have been regularly walking ever since I started driving into work good to know that my pace hasn’t really suffered and no real aches starting back up again I guess if I can maintain that kinda pace and continue to improve (was 12 – 15 minute km’s at the beginning of the year) my weight will start to drop off rather than slowly meander its way down which it has been doing lately, definitely not complaining about still dropping 10kg since August without doing a great deal that’s for sure.

I hope that everyone is having a pleasant evening / day whichever the case may be.

Rough couple of weeks

Well it has certainly been an interesting few weeks both inside my head and the world around me to say the least. The mind is a very powerful instrument; It endows us with intelligence, rational thought and the ability to think logically but on top of the components that are considered conscious thought is the realms of the subconscious an integral part of what makes us tick. I have always liked to view myself as a dreamer, trying to take away the best of things and hoping / dreaming for what the world around us could be rather than the state that it is currently in but further to that for me is the realm of the subconscious and dreaming it had always been an integral part of who I am and whilst I had not drempt much in a decade it is something that has made a whopping resurgence this past year. I am used to dreaming of places, events and concepts however it is not common for it to fixate on people and even less so specific individuals and last week for almost an entire week they did.

My childhood was peppered throughout it with nightmares, thankfully though I more often than not I could see them for what they were and pull myself out of them, now is not really any different however broken sleep is never a pleasant thing and left me feeling wiped out for the better part of a week. Saturday through to Friday last week even with grounding prior to sleep it took awhile to actually pass through the veil and into the world of slumber and my time there was even more restless. Every single night I was greeted with nightmares not always the same situations however unusually for me they all fixated around a specific individual and each night I pulled myself back to the waking world to recollect myself before being able to doze off again leaving very little decent sleep each night so I felt rather tired throughout that week.

Thankfully they came to an end the weekend gone and I got some decent and unbroken sleep from that point on until Tuesday night when I got shaken to my core which doesn’t happen too often. The last couple of weeks have been fairly busy at work and I had been playing catch up on some things, trying to get ahead on others and it lead to me getting home from work several hours late each night and whilst heading home on Tuesday I got hit with a feeling of absolute dread it was the mother of all bad feelings that lasted the entire night and left me feeling really uneasy/unsettled until it passed. Typically I get bad feelings off and on however usually I know what they are regarding: Or they make themselves clear in time or through reflecting on them. The incredibly bad feeling may have passed that night but being unsettled continued to crop up for the remainder of the week.

I couldn’t pin down the reason why this time, and as I often do when I need to work something out I meditated on it. Now I am no stranger to seeing things whilst I meditate and throughout my time in Nepal there were several of them dominated by a great giant bear which was not all that surprising as I was there to ground, refocus and look for answers around things of which for the first time in years were forthcoming to me and is an animal that I had felt a kinship to in the past. Hadn’t really seen him since I got back home though, which is not all that surprising as I never had a need to but this night I was not to be alone; And neither was he. Whilst the bear I knew, and the addition of an owl was understood however the wolf was a surprise as was the combination of the three. But it did serve as a reminder although it was not considered by me to be a dark time, that when these times come along it is easy to get lost in them and feel that you are alone, and that is something that I have never truly been; If there is a need there is always those that stand with you even if they remain unseen.

Fast forward to the Saturday and I found out why I had been feeling bad, well I at least put it down to this at any rate if not I don’t want to hazard a guess as to what is coming lol I was heading out to the country something I had wanted to do for the last few weekends but had been putting off. Heading down a gravel road in the middle of nowhere, and it was a very good thing that I was not far behind someone else or it would have culminated in being stuck on a not as often used road in the middle of nowhere without mobile coverage. My back tires were having trouble gripping at points so I was taking it relatively easy on the road when I came to the crest of a small hill and lost control on the back end of my car and started fishtailing on the road. Thankfully I knew not to suddenly brake so I took my foot off the accelerator and slightly applied pressure to the brakes as I worked on getting control back which I managed to do.

As I was nice and straight again I decided to stop and collect myself as it was not a pleasant experience and as I put my foot on the brake again the car decided it was time to head sideways and after trying to regain control and realizing that I couldn’t I was heading for a tree on my side so as soon as I realized that I couldn’t stop it I spun the wheel which ensured that it was the front left side of the car that hit the tree and not the drivers side door. It would be easy to be angry and frustrated at the situation however that serves no purpose, I have lost a car but I walked away with a small scratch on my arm of which I am incredibly thankful for.¬†Possessions are replaceable, people are not. I am glad I had slowed down to around half the speed I was at for the impact itself, and that I didn’t freeze and had the sense to ensure that it was not me that hit the tree and was able to get out of the car and walk away from it. But overall I do have to say the last couple of weeks sucked.

Being Thankful

As we walk through our journey in this life there are many people that cross our paths, some we are born with or into as is the case with family and others we meet throughout our lives. Many such meetings can be fleeting but can leave a lasting impression on either you or them. It is important not to take the people that cross paths with you and choose to stick by you for granted be they either family or friend.

I have had the privilege to meet some wonderful people through my life so far; There have been those who even with a single meeting have left an impression on me and a select few that I consider to be close friends. Although I may not see my friends and family each and every day, I still think of them often and will always care about them and I think those who know me know that if they ever needed anything I would do anything within my power for them.

So to my friends and family, I am truly thankful to have you in my life and no matter how long goes between seeing or speaking to each other I am truly blessed to have you in my life and you will always be a part of it.¬†Here is to the good times and the fun shared and times to come and thank you to those who stuck by me through the not so good days and nights. Let’s make the future an awesome one.

Spare a thought for those in need

The world we live in is a complex system of environments, biomes, energies, beliefs and cultures mixed in together in a giant melting pot, and whilst as a species we are the most evolved according to popular belief (well technically it would be dolphins by Douglas Adams but I digress) we are by no means the masters of the world. Like everything else that lives on this rocky globe we are simply clinging to the surface along with the rest of the life here along for the ride.

Mother Earth, ecological science, Gaia or whatever you choose to subscribe to that governs what we consider to be the forces of nature works to find a level of equilibrium/balance between the diverse biosphere of our home and unfortunately one of the greatest catalysts for change or growth can often be destruction.

“The powers of water are immeasurable.
In the form of ice, it can chisel rock as effectively as steel.

Unloosed in a river, it can slice through
layers of volcanic ash like a knife through a cake.

Meandering in a shady stream,
it can make a home for green growing things.”
~ Peggy Wayburn

The world goes through cycles of natural disasters however in my lifetime especially in the last decade or so they seem to be on the increase and the ferocity/intensity of these also seem to be getting stronger; There are two schools of thought on this our impact in the last century through industrialization is speeding up the changes/cycle which our planet go through or it’s not our fault we are simply coming into a more active period and we are simply getting dragged along for the ride. Personally I have long believed that this world is becoming more and more out of balance over the years and whilst it would be easy to believe that it is fighting back at us in the end the overall balance must be maintained even if our race messes up this world or was not here the planet itself would still be here, and even if it took time I believe it would be able to undo what we see as damage to it.

Irrespective of what belief you hold on the matter the human impact is substantial and real.

The Philippines is the latest to be greatly impacted with typhoon Haiyan a swath of destruction through the islands causing massive damage. Thankfully reading this evening the death toll has been revised downward from the initial estimates of 10,000 to the official death toll standing at 1,883 not quite 20% of the original estimate. Regardless of how large or small the loss of life is I view any loss of life to be tragic and a loss for the world as a whole. My thoughts and prayers are with the peoples of the Philippines and those that are able to be there to lend aid, if there is one thing that the modern interconnected world is good for it is demonstrating the amount of money that can be raised via a large amount of people giving even a small amount of money, given the shortages of food seen in large areas this can often be more beneficial than gestures of goods, one of the charities I support currently is taking donations for this effort (

Tears v2

Been wanting to improve my writing skills a lot more of late and have been drafting some stuff. When it comes to concepts and delivering imagery I don’t usually have a great deal of issue as my mind is constantly churning stuff over phrasing to convey the desired effect though is not my strongest suit. I used to be quite good, and like all skills I guess I will improve as I continue to practice as it really isn’t something I have done for a long time. On prompting from a friend I re-wrote one of my earlier poems to remove excess words and improve the flow.


Sat alone in thought upon this night,
A world you once held to be most bright.
Wonderment of things held dear,
Driving towards what you most fear.

Sat alone you shed your tears,
Find strength within: Stand and conquer your fears!
Shadows of the past surround you no more,
The moment you chose to walk through that door.

Wondering alone why it is you feel,
Emotions serve to remind you are real.
The easiest of paths, a mere illusion,
Stand once more and fight the confusion.

Tears remind you who you are,
The fight you faced to come this far.
Whilst the past has set the tone,
You will never stand alone.

A Time to Remember

Though the sun may set upon old battlefields,
A sword now sheathed, no reason to wield.
To friends, and foes now long since rest,
I thank those men that gave their best.

Those that have, and are willing to serve,
Unto us you leave a memory preserved.
The scars you carry: Both outside and in,
Bring them out in the open – it is not a sin.

Those who stand, being haunted by their past,
Our future you fought for, we hope it may last.
The world this day, we stand in your debt,
Unto you we say; Lest we forget.

“Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it” ~¬†George Santayana

First of all, a rather big thank you to Heemi for helping me flesh out the poem from its’ infancy, certainly turned out far better than the first version that is for sure.

Being part of the Commonwealth countries (for Queen and country! and associated frivolities) today marks remembrance / poppy day marking the end of what was known at the time as the Great War, and the war to end all wars but sadly these days is known as World War I and it is a time for reflection and remembrance and to pay our respects to the people that gave their lives on the respective battlefields.  Whilst I may personally be against war and armed conflict and hold the perhaps naive belief that everything should be able to be resolved by communication and compromise I am also a realist. No matter how much you may try and the choices that you make chances are there will always be someone out there that will see something differently and it will not achieve a resolution through discussion, and if you are attacked by another party you do not have much choice but to defend yourselves and your home if you wish to keep it, your way of life and your beliefs.

Irrespective of what your or in this case my individual beliefs may be there are many in this world that make the choice to bear arms and to fight for a cause or their country and in some cases they may even be defending your homes or your right to believe or hate them whichever the case may be. And whilst personally I wish they were not necessary I believe that those who choose to serve deserve our respect. To all the men and women whom have fought, bled and died over the years in armed conflict both close to home and abroad I thank you. Whilst personally I do not think I could bear arms unless my home was threatened as I do not believe I have the right to end the life of another, I am in your debt for ensuring that I have the right not to and for that you have my respect, and I will never forget the sacrifices that have been made over the years