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Valentines Day

“To-morrow is Saint Valentine’s day,
All in the morning betime,
And I a maid at your window,
To be your Valentine.
Then up he rose, and donn’d his clothes,
And dupp’d the chamber-door;
Let in the maid, that out a maid
Never departed more. “
~ William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act IV, Scene 5

Ah Valentines day, the day that many couples languish over for the displays and symbols of affection provided to them by their significant other and anguished over by the single around the world. February 14th, a day which to me should be like every other day for the bulk of the world unless you happen to be of the denominations that pay tribute or respect to the martyrs that held the name Valentine/Valentinus; But instead is a day like many others twisted by our modern consumerist society.

There are other days that have fallen to the same fate; their original and somewhat noble intention to pay respect to those that have raised us (Mothers Day / Fathers Day) to remember and show appreciation to those we care about that have since changed to show your <significant person> your love with <x>. Corporations seem to drive a message that in order to show that we care about someone we have to spend a reasonable amount of money and on that day or risk coming across as a grinch or not caring, and the trouble is there seems to be many people out there that buy into it and expect it on that day.

My personal opinion is you shouldn’t need a particular day to surprise someone with a gift and to be honest it typically has a much greater impact when it is a surprise to them rather than a time they expect or at least think that they have a higher chance of receiving something from you. And you sure as hell don’t need a day to tell someone how you feel about them, or that they are important to you it should be something that you re-affirm as often as you like. But if you need that particular day, or if doing something nice for your significant other seems like a chore perhaps it is time to re-evaluate your relationship.

Be spontaneous, be romantic, or just pick up the phone to say “Hey you know what? I love you” Just do it when the mood strikes not when the day dictates that you *should*

Breaking in a new deck

Breaking in a new deck is always an interesting time, especially the first spread that is cast…

In my younger years I used to read my tarot cards rather frequently however it was a habit that I had allowed to lapse 2005-12 which I restarted early last year. Whilst my current deck is nowhere near retirement it has been with me for over 15 years now and sometimes it is good to breathe some fresh air and try something new. Irrespective of their age I still try and keep them grounded and cleansed I typically keep them in a drawer as my room is somewhat more cluttered than I like and I still haven’t decided on a layout I want so for the time being the room is still in limbo.

I have actually been wanting to get some runes, well more honestly I have been wanting to make my own set however I am somewhat lazy and I went out on Friday evening for dinner and intended to just purchase a set and save myself the trouble. Given however there were none actually for sale I take that as a sign I shouldn’t actually be lazy and make my own damn set so I need to find me some consistently sized crystal for the purpose and will likely make a set as a gift whilst I am at it, kinda goes along with the increased desire to create things of late.

I didn’t want to leave empty handed and there appears to be a metric boatload of divination cards available these days which whilst somewhat of a surprise also really wasn’t I guess if something is marketable they will make them. As they had no runes or generic tarot decks I decided to go for something different and pretty much just picked the deck that seemed to have the loudest voice in this case it was Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. Have always been a supporter of learning from the past and the words of the greats that have come before us seemed somewhat fitting.

Wasn’t quite sure when I would use them however tonight was a beautiful clear night out under the stars and incredibly breezy with the wind whipping around me so it felt like the perfect time to both ground myself and the new deck and break them in. All I can say is you guys definitely have a sense of humour, couldn’t even wait for me to finish shuffling for the top card to jump out.


St Francis of Assisi was born to a wealthy Italian cloth merchant, but he later renounced his inheritance to follow an ascetic spiritual path. As he volunteered in hospitals and ministered to the sick, he gained followers who eventually became the Franciscans. Many legends speak of St. Francis’s ability to communicate with animals, and today he’s the patron saint of the environment and animals. Call upon St Francis for help in situations where your family or friends don’t understand your choices or spiritual path, or any issue involving animals.

Cards’ Message: The answer to your question is in your heart. This card signifies that you can trust your heart’s true desires, even if you can’t clearly see how the outcome will appear or manifest. This is the situation where you’re called upon ┬áto walk in faith and be true to yourself. The universe will ensure that your needs are met and will help you with your relationship as you make life changes.

Hilarion, also known as Sain Hilarion or Master Hilarion, was a 4th century Middle Easterner who became renown for his successful healing work. Hilarion was beloved by both Christians and those who practiced the old religions. Much of his life and healing work was immortalized by Saint Jerome’s writings, which described Hilarions healing by commanding earthbound spirit attachments to leave. Call upon Hilarion for any issue involving healing or clearing of energy.

Cards’ Message: Your divine healing power has awakened and you feel compelled to help others to heal. Just as you’ve been healed, so too do you want others to enjoy health and vitality. You’re supported in making life changes so that you can continue to heal yourself and others. Let go of any fears or restrictive thinking to fully open the miracles of healing.

Serapis Bey is an Egyptian god of ascension and a bridge between Heaven and Earth. He’s the ultimate life coach who motivates people to take good care of themselves physically, spiritually and emotionally. Call upon Serapis Bey whenever you need additional energy and motivation to take action.

Cards’ Message: It is time for you to go; Either away from a toxic situation or towards something desirable. This card signals that it’s the right time to make your move. The conditions and timing are perfect and the universe is poised to support your move.
(No information about reversed cards, assuming like most it should be interpreted as the inverse to the above aka don’t make a move)

The prophet Moses displayed courage and leadership throughout his lifetime. His clear decrees about his intentions led to miracles such as the parting of the Red Sea, bringing forth water from a boulder, and manifesting manna from Heaven. Moses is a powerful, beloved, and inspiring leader who can lend you courage in this situation and your life’s purpose.

Cards’ Message: You have the power to heal and alter the course of this situation. It’s time for you to take charge and assume a leadership position. First decide what you want. Be clear about the conditions that are acceptable or unacceptable to you. The universe responds when you’re clear about your aims and intentions. The ascended masters will support your leadership role so talk openly and honestly about your feelings and give yourself permission to do what you know is right.

VLAD (Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment)

I know states are able to set their own laws and they are valid until challenged in a higher court (case in point gay marriage in ACT which got overturned when challenged by the government)

The Queensland VLAD (Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment) Bill whilst rather popular also sets an incredibly dangerous precedent and given that my own state is looking to bring in something similar I am concerned and surprised that this has yet to be challenged in a higher court of law.

Whilst I am a law abiding citizen and would fall into the realms of having nothing to fear as touted by this government once upon a time I actually would have. A guy I worked for did house designs for members of a bikie organisaiton (actually pretty good blokes). Now if I went out for a beer with them and there happened to be another member I would find myself arrested and placed in solitary confinement without bail until such point I was tried which I would hopefully be found not guilty but I would be basically branded as dangerous and deprived of my liberty until that point.

Australia is a signatory to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights of which one key point was the freedom of association.

This law basically controls who is able to associate with whom and where, whilst I know we do not have guaranteed liberties and freedoms in our constitution (most are implied under common law) this does place us against the declaration we are a signatory for.

Given all our effort to get on the security council you would think that we would want to conform overall with the mandates set by the UN, however this and our recent being found guilty of 150 violations of our treatment of asylum seekers I guess not.

We should just start trading with North Korea, about the only real Fuck You we have left.