Monthly Archives: February 2015

I Want…

I want…

Those two little words can drive people to accomplish amazing feats but increasingly they represent desires and selfish ambitions for things that more often than not really do not matter at all.

None of us is perfect, even those who are heralded as Saints have their failings and little dark shadows, I’m no different. Lately I have been looking for what it is that I want, and as it turns out there ate a lot of them, and sadly they are mostly unrealistic and also selfish because they would make me feel better.

I want a world where nobody has to live in fear of those around them, of where their next meal will be coming from or if they will be able to survive what the elements dish out this night. I’ve always been an idealist, it’s the core of who I am and the one thing that I never want to change about myself and at the same time it’s the source of a lot of pain and confusion that sometimes I wish I wasn’t but apathy is never someone that I want to be.

To those that see not that which is but could be it leaves the question of what it is to be. We can all torch the lives of those around us to make that one little bit of a difference; but sometimes I wonder if it’s enough?