Monthly Archives: April 2016

Thoughts for the Day

Sitting out having a late lunch here in Sydney and I saw a van drive past that was pretty much covered in a mural, however on the back it had a warning.

“Sleeping on Sunday will cause Monday”

Now I’ll admit that I had a chuckle at the notion, however I also smiled due to the utter futility of the sentiment. The continued revolution of our globe is what determines the passage of each day into the next, and our slow journey around the sun determines both the seasons, and the concept of years as we know it. You may hold off on sleep to fight the coming dawn, but in the end dawn will still come and you’ll just feel tired and ultimately have accomplished nothing.

Human nature is an interesting conundrum, we seem to endlessly rebel against things that we cannot change; like the passing of the day, we will grow older. Our features, tastes, interests and associations will change whether we consciously fight them or not. But on the other side of the coin overall we sit and use sentiments that we can’t make a difference, or that is just the way it is in regards to things that we can overall change, if we chose to band together and make a difference.

Whilst I was finishing my lunch a couple of young people came in, and whilst their hearts may have been in the right place I believe their arrow was fired away from the opposing army. They were wearing shirts for Good Deeds Day, and the aim that they had for whatever hashtags instagram would have gotten for it was to buy the girl making coffee a coffee.

Now if I was making coffee all day, the last thing I would probably want for someone to offer to buy for me would be coffee, chances are she got it free anyway. They seemed a little annoyed at being turned down, and asked if they could do anything else for her and she told them that she was happy and good. They then went around asking people in the store if they could pay for their coffee, to which most said no but they did get a yes finally so they felt good.

Meanwhile sitting next to the bin across the road in the rain was a homeless person…