An Interesting age

A few weeks back I remember reading how we were in the 490’s of discovered exoplanets with us creeping slowly towards the 500th mark. If I remember the article correctly it indicated that we were most likely to hit this milestone in the beginning of the new year, yet low and behold announces the discovery of the 500th exoplanet.

We certainly live in an interesting age of science and discovery, the 1800’s had the physical innovations that allowed us to develop mechanical tools to make our lives easier the industrial revolution. The 1900’s was a further expansion of this and the introduction of electronics allowing us to develop tools instrumental in further studies of the theoretical / classical sciences.

It seems that the 2000’s is going to further build on the “space age” discoveries of the latter half of the last century in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics and general understanding of the way that things work and our place in the universe. However all this discovery of alien worlds and the potentially habitable one it makes you realise that no matter how far that we have come we still have a very long way to go before we can even think of stepping upon a world that orbits another star.

As a world we have the potential to achieve great things, have our own “space empire” in our solar system with our current levels of technology and resources coupled with the human pioneer drive however as much as I think it would be awesome to see, I would be surprised if it does happen within the next 10 years due to the fragmentary nature of our species, so much power and potential but diluted there is only so much we can accomplish without true pooling of resources and knowledge.

That aside, I would like us to focus on developing more efficient means of space travel, even for within our own solar system, however the only thing that gives me pause with this aside from my desire to see it happen is the fact that technology used in these purposes could also be used for military based applications, and given our nature would we be more likely to use it to settle the solar system, or blow the crap out of our neighbour?

Either way an interesting age to be alive

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