Seems to be the week for science

History has taught us that things tend to have a habit of repeating themselves, be it due to human nature or a rule that governs existence why then can it not be true of the universe in general? We know a reasonable amount of what makes up our universe however there is still a considerable amount that we do not yet understand. We as a species do not accept that however and always seem to be seeking to further our understanding of the nature of things which is a good thing.

We know that the life of the bodies in the universe have their own lifespans just as we humans do, stars begin their lives in dust as do the planets that orbit them, as stars get older they go through various stages of aging in which produces various other elements and effects in the area, in the end many explode scattering the elements that they held within throughout our universe thus seeding the basis of the elements that we know and also allowing new things to form from the resulting nebulae, dust and energy.

Modern science has taught us that everything began from a single point and the birth of our universe took place with the “big bang” going forth billions of years to today towards the universe that we know as home. But what if like other forms of creation and life this was not the beginning of all things, but a continuation of a cycle of death and rebith?

New discoveries and theories have been made in this area which I definately find interesting, we as a species have a habit of making the same mistakes, however we also have the potential and the capability to learn from our mistakes and grow / become something new. Could this also be true of our universe? Does it go through similar processes potentially leading to a “perfect state”. Think of what secrets the universe may have learnt in its evolution / death / rebirth and how these come to play in the future. At least it seems it has learnt how to bring itself back from the ashes of it’s extinction to begin life again.

Certainly an interesting week for science.


Radiation ripples show the Big Bang may not have been the first, and there could be more to come

  • By Helen Davidson
  • From:
  • November 30, 2010 1:53PM
cyclic universe rings
THE Big Bang might not have been the beginning of the Universe, but just the start of a new chapter. 

Scientists have found rings of radiation in the cosmos that may be older than the Big Bang, suggesting that event was just the latest in a series of rebirths, Wired reports.

The theory was proposed by Sir Roger Penrose, a theoretical physicist at Oxford University, and Vahe Gurzadyan of the Yerevan Physics Institute in Armenia, in an article on

The circles of radiation appear in concentric circles made up of below average temperature in the cosmic microwave background (CMB), which is the leftover glow of the Big Bang.


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