When in need

Many people cross our paths each day, some are fleeting and some make lasting impressions.

Sometimes we all need something, be it aid or just something to make our days brighter be it a Hello or a smile for someone looking down.

Whilst sitting waiting for my bus an older lady walked up and asked if I could please go to an atm with her and wait with her for a taxi as she had just missed her last bus.

She had been turned down already as it would make them miss their bus. I happened to also be waiting for the same bus.

My answer was of course, you need a hand you will get it regardless of if I miss my bus or not, it’s only time I lose out on and it is a beautiful and rainy night to watch go by.

As it turns out my bus was running late and I got to the shops, her a taxi and back in time for my bus.

Always be kind to strangers, one day you may be the one needing the smile or help.

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