Oh Stormy Night

It is a beautiful thunderstormy night tonight, and personally one of my favorite things.

This afternoon / evening was a work function which was a great deal of fun, in some ways a distraction but it is always good to get out of the office and get paid for it 🙂 But upon leaving there was a rather torrential amount of rain coming down, the streets and footpaths were practically rivers.  A lot of people don’t particularly like the rain in that it can be rather inconveniencing in getting to and from places and of course you can get drenched to the bone! Personally however I love it.

I had a 4.2km walk from the pub where we were to a train station, it would be rather easy to be annoyed at walking in the rain and getting drenched (which took about 30 seconds to get to the bone) but for me personally I rather liked it. We as a country have been far too dry lately, in touring our dams they are all rather low and we all require water for our daily existence it is a part of the natural order of life on this world, being angry or shaking your fist at the inconvenience is rather pointless, be thankful that we are actually getting what we need.

It is a basic force of nature and elements and it can wash away things that are no longer needed and allow for new life and rejuvenation, and in my case it is good for the soul.

As much as I may be a fire sign being Aries like many other things in my life I am quite contradictory I am most at home with water followed in close second by the element of air. And although I did get thoroughly drenched it was a truly refreshing walk through the rain with a smile on my face.

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