A relaxing evening

Currently there is disruptions to most of the train lines in the city as they are working on the underground portion of the lines to bury the rest of the tracks heading out of the city station which means my work day is somewhat disrupted, I have to leave 30 minutes earlier to get to work 15 minutes later than my usual earlier arrival thanks to traffic the replacement buses have to deal with, unsure of the return trip home I left somewhat around my usual time but made it into Fremantle just after my typical bus home had left giving me half an hour to kill in the town so I decided to do two things I had not done for quite some time being wander around Freo and people watch.

I have always loved Freo itself; it was my stomping grounds when I was a child and teenager and will forever hold a special place for me, it is a town of history and conflict of which it holds both quite well and in walking the streets I have always felt able to just cast myself back and walk through the various ages of the town; The convicts that built parts of it, the traders and free men making their lives there, the protesters and hippies that made it their home during the 60’s / 70’s and it’s resurgence into life thanks to Alan Bond and the America’s Cup that gave the city a new lease on life in 1983. All of these things have made their mark on the town and have added to the overall underlying hum / energy which is probably why I have always liked it so much.

Overall though the dawn of the 21st century does not appear to have been as kind to the town, throughout my wanderings there was so many old businesses either closed and buildings seeming somewhat abandoned which is sad to see for such a vibrant old town filled with history and memories. I hope that the slump does not continue for too long, and once more new life can be breathed into the town that I have always felt such a connection to.

Another virtue of the town itself is the people that are within it, at any given time it can usually be a melting pot of various peoples and backgrounds all going about their business in the town or just wandering around as I had been doing enjoying that which is there. As much as overall people as a whole I do not understand and I am typically more at home away from the crowds and hustle and bustle that seems to have overtaken our lives in the modern world people watching is one thing I have usually found to be relaxing; Provided there isn’t too many of them! As we each walk through life we pick up experiences, knowledge, wisdom, thoughts and ideas and no matter who or what we are or choose to be at any given point in time we all have a story to tell.

People express themselves, who they are and the events currently taking place in their lives via various methods for some it is the overall energy/feel that the person gives off, for some it is in their eyes there can be some people that look so lost or so full of life or what is currently going on around them. Some express themselves via their mannerisms and little nuances  as they go about things and others in what they choose to wear / accessorise with being the image that they present to the outside world. There are the thinkers, the dreamers, the artists, the inner child but in the end we all have a story to share.

It was summed up by the 11th Doctor quite well I believe; We are all stories in the end, best make it a good on eh?

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