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“No one has ever become poor by giving.” – Anne Frank

Today’s society seems to be driven by the moment and the concept of instant gratification, quick thrills and me, me, me and there seems to be an endless stream of distractions with which to occupy our time and spend our money on; Hell I know I have been guilty of it plenty of times. In a lot of ways we are very lucky to live in what is considered a “first world” country and whilst there are plenty in our lands that need a helping hand there is also a large portion of the world considered “third world”.  Personally I really hate the designations, we are one world and all citizens of mother Earth. And what is considered ‘beer money” to us can actually go a long way towards helping our fellow man who have no interest in the latest iPhone, or the war between X-Box and Playstation.

Helping others has always been important to me, whilst I do like my gadgets, toys and collectibles in many cases the money can be much better spent towards projects which actually need funding and help people out.  This is a charity / program that I have supported for some time now and thought I would share it with all of you. Typically when I am donating money to an organisation there are a few key criteria towards making my decision:

– Do I believe in the program (parted ways with greenpeace due to my personal dislike of some of their methods and how cash was used)
– Can I select which of their programs the funds will be used towards
– Will the bulk of the money contributed actually be used towards that cause

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So is a lot.” – Albert Einstein

As with a lot of charities that I have supported over the years I found out about this one and the project that I support on a Friday evening on my way home from work as I was heading into the city for a roast dinner. The principle behind this program is that women and girls can better their lives and the lives around them through having access to education and support and this leads to mothers being better able to protect their children from HIV, trafficking and sexual exploitation as well as further help in developing their communities.  Sounded like a good cause to me, and as I could select this program for where the funds would go and the bulk of donated funds actually are used on programs they became one of the charities that I support.

The world is what we make it, and although we are only one person we may not be able to change the entire world but we can change the world for people who need it.

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