An odd night to say the least

Throughout my life I have always been a dreamer both in how I view the world and in the literal kind when I sleep, mostly when I was younger but it has made considerably more of an appearance throughout this year. Last night though was a rather odd one for me, I am used to vivid and realistic dreams of a wide and varied nature and more often than not they can be jumbled between chopping and changing through a few different things throughout the course of the night.

Typically though they are linear in nature, one will transpire at a time even when jumping between them however last night there was five as far as I could remember when waking up and the odd thing was they literally were all taking place at the same time, talk about being unhinged! I have always wished that I could be in multiple places at the same time, and have dreamed of it in the past but usually that is the limit of it and processing the information from simultanious inputs was somewhat as a challenge. Five though that was overwhelming to say the least, at first I thought perhaps I was fragmented between a few different things but they were more than just overlapping everything was coming through at once and unlike times previous I could not choose which one held the dominance.

Overall there was a re-occuring theme with them in that there was somewhere I needed to be that I am not currently and it was a place, meditating on it after waking up I at least know that it is a place here, and one I haven’t really given much thought to visiting in the past rather than a curiosity passing over destinations. So now I find myself looking at flights to Nepal, as for what I expect to find there; If anything at all I don’t know but there are callings that I have ignored throughout life and part of moving forward I have to let go of past mistakes and see what it is the future holds and funnily enough Nepal seems to be on sale at the moment.


In the wise words of Master Yoda “Do or do not, there is no try” And to that effect I will be travelling to Nepal next month

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