State of the World

This and things like it make my blood boil and seriously makes me question if the human race should have any hope or right for the future. Granted I am well aware that a large portion of the world are not like this and the planet is filled with beautiful people who still instill hope in me for our species the fact that things like this can happen really make me wonder. What if this is a sign of things to come in regards to the future of our species, if people willing to purpotrate atrocities like these actually manage to gain more power and momentum in the wider society just where could we as a people end up?

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke (assumed)

Personally I am a strong supporter of diplomacy, we all have to share this world and the resources it has to offer and in the end we all have different wants and needs and in the end it in my opinion and theory most of the time be possible to reach a compromise in which neither side is severely disadvantaged. In some instances the suffering of a people with no recourse does warrent militant action as when words fail and there is still injustice abound sometimes it takes force to institute change.

Irrespective of if this was an attack by the rebels to imply guilt on the current government or vice versa it is the methodology of a coward. It is important to have things that you believe in and are willing to stand up for, and in the end even die for if required but in my opinion there should be rules. The vast majority of the peoples in this world are innocent bystanders simply trying to go about their business or erk out a living for themselves and their family and not necessarily a part of either side in a dispute. They are not pawns on a chessboard or tools to be used to incite sympathy or damnnation no one has the right to decide their lives are any less important than our own.

The fact that the death toll included so many children makes this an even further unforgivable act. Children should be the embodiment of our hopes and dreams, a chance to learn from the mistakes of our and previous generations and are the custodians of what is to come; This act makes them nothing more than a statistic, a number in the death toll and sends a message that whomever did this is a coward and has no regard for the sanctity of human life.

It’s times like these I almost wish I could support an eye for an eye mentality of justice but I cannot in good conscience do so.

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