Just what the doctor ordered



More and more lately I have been feeling the call to spend more time out of the city in the fresh air and tranquility that the countryside offers, I make a point of visiting the lake near my place very regularly to escape the bitumen and concrete of suburbia which is good for the most part and allows me to feel relaxed but it is still near a major road and as such there is the constant hum of civilized life to keep me company. This last week I haven’t been sleeping the best whilst nowhere near as bad as previous weeks sleep overall has provided what my body has needed to function but was not what i would consider overly restful so a trip out of the confines of the city was in order.

So Saturday I headed out to Beverley to visit my sister and her husband in their relatively new place and spend some time recharging my batteries if you will, it was sorely needed. It was also show day for the town and we got to go out and enjoy dinner from the food options that were there and sit back and watch the fireworks, and I got to have my first experience in attempting to photograph them overall I think they turned out quite well and I will add a gallery of them after this post.

Stopped off at a few places on the way back mostly park bays, I was planning on driving through one of the national parks on the trek back but the rain had set in by the time I had gotten there and as it was mostly not a real road I would have rather not get stuck out there but will be a place I shall visit sometime in the future as it had a rather nice feel driving along next to it and I am sure it will offer interesting trails with which to wander through and just get away from things in general.

Overall it was a weekend well spent, I got some decent sleep although not long as has proven to be more common but of much better quality and feel rested and ready to take on a new week. Thanks guys for always making me welcome at your place, it is really appreciated.

I hope that everyone has been able to have a pleasant and relaxing weekend.

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