A haunting dream

As far as dreams go last night was relatively normal and only the one that just stretched throughout my entire time asleep. That being said it has to be one of the most unsettling ones that I have ever had. I know that I sometimes go between relatively normalish dreams, odd and nightmares when I actually do dream and they are usually rather vivid but overall if something really unsettles me I usually have the ability to see it for what it is and just wake up, not last night though.

I didn’t even know that I was dreaming until I woke up in my bed and even then it took a little while for everything to sink in.

Old England whilst it would have to be one of my favorite times in history was also fraught with its fair share of problems partly due to a limited understanding and use of hygiene and sanitation which saw plauges be able to run rampant through not just the towns but also the countyside and last night focused rather centrally on that fact and one of the worst plagues in history no less, the black plague.

It was a smallish town not quite small enough to be really considered a village that was going through an outbreak, I remember walking down the main street looming into the eyes of the people there and although alive their eyes no longer held any hope and it was truly saddening. There was the stench of death everywhere, I remember being unblemished and those that still had fight left in them running up and grabbing me begging me to save them.

My insides screamed at me to get away as they were all infected and I was not but they were all people to ostracised by those around them left to their fate to a death in pain to be ultimately burnt like those before then and I couldn’t just walk away from them. In the end of course there was nothing that I could do to help them but as time went on I continued to not get sick.

I felt completely powerless and useless and to top it off those that had not yet died grew to resent me as I should too be sick but it never came to me. I knew I couldn’t leave a I would never be accepted in another village coming from the plauged lands so I was stuck there surrounded by death and misery of the people without hope of anything changing.

The experience was incredibly vivid from sights, smells and overall texture and throughout it I didn’t know it was a dream until I was back in my bed, quickly switching from I’m saved to realising what it was.

Overall it shook me fairly hard, I am no stranger to feeling miserable and dispair but it showed me that everything that I have been through is relatively pale by comparison and for that I am thankful. Also it may have been centuries ago in a different time and place but no one deserves to die alone and unwanted simply because they are sick, frail or not all there anymore.

To that extent compassion is also important, we can all be there for someone that does not have anybody else.

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