Confucian Proverb

“I see and I forget,
I hear and I remember,
I do and I understand”

This has got to be one of my favorite proverbs and in a lot of cases, especially for me it is very accurate. There are a lot of qualities that I value but overall I seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding. In some ways I have a lot of the above, but in others I have fractured pieces of each not necessarily lining up with each other which more often than not proves to be far more trouble than it is good.

There have been a lot of things that have meant a lot to me over the years that I let slide, and in letting them slide I forgot them.  As I work on reflecting back on things that have mattered to me; that I gave importance/power in my life and the overall sense that there has been some things that are missing I always felt like a dog chasing my own tail.  There have been many things that I have been told and I have seen but not completely understood but in actually working on them it has been helping to bring clarity.

Whilst I do not believe the addage there is no such thing as a stupid question (there is more often than not some things that are better left unsaid) I wholeheartedly believe in questioning situations, people, the world around me and even myself and the questions we ask and seek answers to define us as individuals so in this I will always continue to question.

If we do not learn and grow we become stagnant and it is a state of being that I have known for too long and something that whilst I have made some progress on will continue to be something that I work on. There is so many things we can do and learn and I wish to grow to be all that I can be.

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