Well there is something I have not heard in a long while, Wonderwall by Oasis.

Rather good song, was one of my “favorites” around the time that it was “current” but like a lot of songs these days faded into the rarely played by mainstream radio (not that I really listen to the radio anyway lol) and I hadn’t heard it for quite some time. Was exploring north lake side and getting different shots of the lake from various points (would be awesome if there was a walking track around the thing but there doesn’t appear to be for the bulk of it having to deal with streets and then get close at points to take in the beauty of it, but I digress. Had just stopped into a bar and restuarant called busy bee to have dinner and when heading back to the hotel looking for a massage parlor on the way back there was a guy sitting at a table at a rooftop bar strumming away on a guitar and singing.

Wonderwall was his song, and he actually both played and sang it really well.

Kinda funny that every piece of music that I have come across here reminds me of someone, ordinarily I would take that as a rather blatantly obvious hint, and whilst there are a few things that I have taken away from them the fact still remains that the no contact was not my choice, ¬†and I sure as hell don’t have the ability to change it as it takes two to talk otherwise it is just a man talking to a brick wall and I am past that stage.

All in all though pretty much everything that I have seen, experienced, felt and sensed whilst here has certainly made some things clearer to me and I think overall it was definitely needed

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