Trying to write again

When I was younger I used to write a fair amount, be it short stories or poetry. The last year or so I have had many ideas for short stories but aside from starting them I have not done much more than write out the general idea. In regards to poetry though the only poems that I have written were around my feelings for my fiancee at the time and I haven’t really written much else. Decided to try my hand at writing something about the darker times in my life that I have been through, the sad thing is I can’t really tell if it is even reasonable these days.

Through the shadows of the night,
We often struggle to see the light.
What we see and what we are,
Can often seem to be so far.

We can accept that which we see,
Or we can fight for all that we can be.

The past left done,
You can choose what to become.
Sit in shadows or walk in light,
We all can make it through the night.

True happiness always seems to be swindled,
Within yourself your own light dwindles.

Day and night, light and dark,
Through this life we make our mark.
That which is, was and will always be,
Shall forever remain memories to me.

Often I wonder why I should continue to fight,
The answer is because it is right.
Who I am and who I will be,
Shall only be decided by me.

Overall I have been feeling a call to rekindle my creative side for awhile now, in part my photography helps in this regard however I think it is time to try to keep writing.