A photo and a thought

The above image was captured at the lookout in York, Western Australia.

I recently went on a bit of a roadtrip with a good friend for the purpose of location scouting for a film he is producing and as always I had my trusty camera with me ready to capture anything which happened to take my fancy and store for posterity. Although he has lived in the state I call home for many years now he had not ventured outside of Perth’s surrounding suburbs and I was happy to educate him on the beautiful sites that our fine state offers as well as indulge in conversation.

We had our lunch up at the lookout with my sister and brother in law where we could look out over the countryside that surrounds the time, which in my opinion is some of the most beautiful that the world has to offer, however with it is also a fear of the path the world is heading on.

The lookout itself was a fairly silent place which I will admit does suit me, I like the quiet my thoughts can go through processing in my mind and I can feel tranquil and peaceful a state of being which has been somewhat lacking for me in the last few years. As a people we tend to take way too much for granted and as we are all different we can take different things away from a scene. F0r me I felt peace, the throb of the world beneath my feet wonder at the clear blue sky, the melding of the various greens and yellows brought on by the country just coming out of our summer period. Thankful for the presence of the trees for if you choose to wander on the land they would provide you shade from the giant ball of fire in the sky we call the sun.

It also highlights the spread of humanity on our world, the beautiful trees giving way to fields and then to hills is broken by a giant shed. Thankfully the majority of the scene is nature as she intended it to be and the spread of our materialistic consumer driven world but when I look at how much we have expanded in my 30 years of life, it makes me wonder how much of this will disappear in the next 30?

Where I am thankful / at peace / pay respect for the beauty and uniqueness of each part of our home others are likely to simply see it as just another part of the bush, or alternatively something that exists to be developed as we could fit “xx” people or “xx” shopping spaces in there and it is not too far out of the city for it not to be feasible.

It seems that the bulk of people on this world are of the view that Earth is our “bitch” and exists for us to rape / use it as we see fit. The reality of the situation however is quite different, we exist because of the world beneath our feet, it has existed long before us, and will likely to continue for long past us as well. Granted she will probably have to spend awhile licking her wounds in order to get the bad taste / junk that we have filled her with over the years but as they say time heals all wounds, and she is still relatively young in universal terms.

We are the only species on this world that does not seek to live in equilibrium with our surroundings, I pray that we can change our ways as some societies seem to be looking at currently or if I end up having grand kids I may end up pointing to this photo and telling them this kiddo is what we used to call a tree.

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