Everything in life is about keeping things in balance and as much as it would be awesome to only have good things it is usually balanced out by the negative as well. End of my first day back and I have a car due for a service, a $1550 bill from the tax department, a parking ticket, a low grade fever, hypertension is back has been many years since I have had a blood pressure reading quite that high and have to go for a nice range of blood tests and the like and I need a new mobile telephone. To finish up everything my leech wounds are definitely infected as evident by how they look and the low grade fever so a nice course of 2,000mg a day of anti-biotics for the next week.

To say this has been a particularly easy year thus far would be lying, I have been to heights of happiness to be taken down to pits of despair once more but this year I find myself more in control of myself and how I feel. There may be negative things that have happened in my life but there has still been wonderful memories and experiences and I have a mother that has once again beaten cancer proving that anything is capable through perseverance.

What I can say though is no matter what comes along I know that I have the strength to face it, sure some things may be an annoyance and I can think of numerous things that I would prefer to be spending my money on than what I need to pay out this week but it is only money and whilst at the moment I may not be in full health I will no longer just ignore things that need to be done in that regard as I had done for years which is why instead of waiting for the infection to fully take root and make me really sick I actually saw a doctor for a change.

Onward and upwards 🙂

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  • Kev says:

    Good work mate. I agree, although sometimes life can deal us some powerful blows, the blows will only knock us down and keep us down if we allow them to. It’s our lives, and the actions of others do not steer the direction of our lives, we do, with our actions, with our intentions and with how we conduct ourselves and our lives day to day. We may not see the subtle ways that things change, but change they do regardless.

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