Alone you sit here this night,
Wondering what happened to the world so bright.
Why is it the ones we hold most dear,
Can push us towards what we most fear?

Alone you sit shedding your tears,
Knowing within you can conquer your fears.
The easy path presented merely an illusion,
Only you can stand up and fight your confusion.

Alone you wonder why you should continue to feel,
Your emotions serve to remind you that you are real.
Shadows uncaring and unfeeling are you no more,
Once you chose to walk through that door.

Let these tears remind you of who you are,
And the reason why you have come this far.
Although events of the past may have set the tone,
Remember that you never stand alone.

Overall I think I definitely need to keep working on my poetry style, I used to be quite good and I feel my current attempts are somewhat lacking but I still feel the push to keep writing.

As much as I thought I was moving past things I guess I still have a ways to go yet. Historically when it comes to emotions I tend to simply bury them and never actually really deal with anything which is something I have been trying to work on over the last few years and whilst I have successfully moved from the whole uncaring and unfeeling position I had allowed myself to get to actually processing how I feel is still not the easiest of things, especially with something I actually cared a great deal about.

In a lot of ways it would be easier to go down the same path again, but I know where that leads and have no intention of ever ending up back there again so whilst I may still shed tears I am reminded of what was real and mattered to me and that should never be let go of simply for convenience.  And although it may still hurt now I can and will get there.

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  • Janet says:

    I think this is a great poem Joel full of your own insight to your emotions. Yes indeed life does and will throw out some nasty hurtful experiences to give us the opportunity to learn and grow from them, and give us time to re-evaluate what we want and where we are heading 🙂

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