Sleep from Thursday night to now has been somewhat of an elusive beast leaving me unable to actually reach a state of deep restful slumber which I could actually do with. Most of my energy appears focused on dealing with the remainder of the leech infection and cold that I brought back from Nepal the chest infection has for the bulk passed though I do still have a lingering cough but at least my sinuses and head are back to normal but even so a good solid sleep through would be great about now.

Dreams are not too uncommon for me once I actually get there if I can actually remember, but typically they are around scenarios, events or concepts that have been niggling at my subconscious and not actually people that I know, when they are they tend to be warnings around things going on and typically not unfounded. Have never actually dreamt about this person though and it whilst I cannot remember the overall contents of the dream from Thursday even after waking aside from who it was regarding and that it wasn’t overly good I hope that everything is alright in that regard.

I also have a new found respect for pregnant women morning sickness (well nausea in general) is not a pleasant thing, especially when you have no real control over it. Didn’t get much sleep when I finally crawled into bed on Sunday night for this reason, I really hate throwing up and thankfully I didn’t actually end up doing so but my stomach was certainly unsettled enough to warrant spending a reasonable amount of time being prepared to and generally unable to get to sleep due to unsettledness. No real identifiable cause as what I had eaten that day was pretty much fine and nothing out of the ordinary was just something that was there for the night to prevent decent sleep and instill me with respect for pregnant women having to deal with it on an ongoing basis.

It’s the beginning of a new week, new possibilities and I hope that everyone makes it a great one!

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