I’m definitely a simple creature

I think I would actually go crazy if I didn’t have the lakes near my place to serve as my refuge from the modern world, I loved spending time around them when I was growing up and since re-discovering that hasn’t really changed now that I am “all grown up” earlier in the year it certainly does have a profound impact on how I feel and letting go of the simple burdens of day to day life. Tonight the evening was kind, the one downside to the lakes is they are right next to a main road leading towards our freeway so the noise of traffic can be sometimes be distracting from the general sounds of the area; Tonight however there was pretty much no traffic so I got to relax and take in the sound of the frogs croaking and the ducks talking among themselves.

Spent some time in thought and passing on my respects for the changing of the wheel and my wishes for the world around me in the coming season and generally lying there watching the clouds go by through the branches of the tree I was under and the stars that were visible making their slow journey through the night sky. Very peaceful and very relaxing and given how off my sleep has been this week was definitely needed, fairly sure that I will sleep well tonight.

The added benefit of grounding the aching and cramping in my leg that has been around for most of this week and no amount of massaging or hot water could seem to be rid of was nicely gone when I got back up after my time there of which I am incredibly thankful, it won’t be able to keep me up tonight.¬†Overall I think I am definitely a relatively simple creature, the small and simple things that are often overlooked by many in the world these days tend to be the things that make me most happy and bring a sense of peace and contentment. I hope that everyone is also having a pleasant evening / day whichever the case may be.

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