A Time to Remember

Though the sun may set upon old battlefields,
A sword now sheathed, no reason to wield.
To friends, and foes now long since rest,
I thank those men that gave their best.

Those that have, and are willing to serve,
Unto us you leave a memory preserved.
The scars you carry: Both outside and in,
Bring them out in the open – it is not a sin.

Those who stand, being haunted by their past,
Our future you fought for, we hope it may last.
The world this day, we stand in your debt,
Unto you we say; Lest we forget.

“Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it” ~ George Santayana

First of all, a rather big thank you to Heemi for helping me flesh out the poem from its’ infancy, certainly turned out far better than the first version that is for sure.

Being part of the Commonwealth countries (for Queen and country! and associated frivolities) today marks remembrance / poppy day marking the end of what was known at the time as the Great War, and the war to end all wars but sadly these days is known as World War I and it is a time for reflection and remembrance and to pay our respects to the people that gave their lives on the respective battlefields.  Whilst I may personally be against war and armed conflict and hold the perhaps naive belief that everything should be able to be resolved by communication and compromise I am also a realist. No matter how much you may try and the choices that you make chances are there will always be someone out there that will see something differently and it will not achieve a resolution through discussion, and if you are attacked by another party you do not have much choice but to defend yourselves and your home if you wish to keep it, your way of life and your beliefs.

Irrespective of what your or in this case my individual beliefs may be there are many in this world that make the choice to bear arms and to fight for a cause or their country and in some cases they may even be defending your homes or your right to believe or hate them whichever the case may be. And whilst personally I wish they were not necessary I believe that those who choose to serve deserve our respect. To all the men and women whom have fought, bled and died over the years in armed conflict both close to home and abroad I thank you. Whilst personally I do not think I could bear arms unless my home was threatened as I do not believe I have the right to end the life of another, I am in your debt for ensuring that I have the right not to and for that you have my respect, and I will never forget the sacrifices that have been made over the years

2 Responses to A Time to Remember

  • Kev says:

    Well said mate, I agree with you totally. For me personally, I don’t think Id have an issue bearing arms to fight for what I believe in, but I know if it come down to it being my home, family and/or loved ones… I know Id have no problem at all bearing arms. By the way mate, I enjoy your blog, its generally very intelligent and reflectve.

  • jbawden says:

    I understand the desire to stand up and fight for what you believe in however the world is pretty diverse and we all believe different things and who is to say I am right and you are wrong and it is worth killing over. In the end I don’t think a belief is worth ending the existence of another for.

    But that being said there will always be people that will disagree with that, so if you are threatened or your going to lose your very home/way of life because of the views of someone else chances are I would fight to defend my home/country or those I care about. Heading somewhere else because I don’t agree with them or they have something I want though to me is a different story.

    And thanks mate, there is a lot of stuff always going on in my head and I started this to actually try and get some of it out and hopefully become less of an introvert in the process.

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