Tears v2

Been wanting to improve my writing skills a lot more of late and have been drafting some stuff. When it comes to concepts and delivering imagery I don’t usually have a great deal of issue as my mind is constantly churning stuff over phrasing to convey the desired effect though is not my strongest suit. I used to be quite good, and like all skills I guess I will improve as I continue to practice as it really isn’t something I have done for a long time. On prompting from a friend I re-wrote one of my earlier poems to remove excess words and improve the flow.

Original: http://www.jwb.id.au/blog/?p=455

Sat alone in thought upon this night,
A world you once held to be most bright.
Wonderment of things held dear,
Driving towards what you most fear.

Sat alone you shed your tears,
Find strength within: Stand and conquer your fears!
Shadows of the past surround you no more,
The moment you chose to walk through that door.

Wondering alone why it is you feel,
Emotions serve to remind you are real.
The easiest of paths, a mere illusion,
Stand once more and fight the confusion.

Tears remind you who you are,
The fight you faced to come this far.
Whilst the past has set the tone,
You will never stand alone.

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