Spare a thought for those in need

The world we live in is a complex system of environments, biomes, energies, beliefs and cultures mixed in together in a giant melting pot, and whilst as a species we are the most evolved according to popular belief (well technically it would be dolphins by Douglas Adams but I digress) we are by no means the masters of the world. Like everything else that lives on this rocky globe we are simply clinging to the surface along with the rest of the life here along for the ride.

Mother Earth, ecological science, Gaia or whatever you choose to subscribe to that governs what we consider to be the forces of nature works to find a level of equilibrium/balance between the diverse biosphere of our home and unfortunately one of the greatest catalysts for change or growth can often be destruction.

“The powers of water are immeasurable.
In the form of ice, it can chisel rock as effectively as steel.

Unloosed in a river, it can slice through
layers of volcanic ash like a knife through a cake.

Meandering in a shady stream,
it can make a home for green growing things.”
~ Peggy Wayburn

The world goes through cycles of natural disasters however in my lifetime especially in the last decade or so they seem to be on the increase and the ferocity/intensity of these also seem to be getting stronger; There are two schools of thought on this our impact in the last century through industrialization is speeding up the changes/cycle which our planet go through or it’s not our fault we are simply coming into a more active period and we are simply getting dragged along for the ride. Personally I have long believed that this world is becoming more and more out of balance over the years and whilst it would be easy to believe that it is fighting back at us in the end the overall balance must be maintained even if our race messes up this world or was not here the planet itself would still be here, and even if it took time I believe it would be able to undo what we see as damage to it.

Irrespective of what belief you hold on the matter the human impact is substantial and real.

The Philippines is the latest to be greatly impacted with typhoon Haiyan a swath of destruction through the islands causing massive damage. Thankfully reading this evening the death toll has been revised downward from the initial estimates of 10,000 to the official death toll standing at 1,883 not quite 20% of the original estimate. Regardless of how large or small the loss of life is I view any loss of life to be tragic and a loss for the world as a whole. My thoughts and prayers are with the peoples of the Philippines and those that are able to be there to lend aid, if there is one thing that the modern interconnected world is good for it is demonstrating the amount of money that can be raised via a large amount of people giving even a small amount of money, given the shortages of food seen in large areas this can often be more beneficial than gestures of goods, one of the charities I support currently is taking donations for this effort (

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