Being Thankful

As we walk through our journey in this life there are many people that cross our paths, some we are born with or into as is the case with family and others we meet throughout our lives. Many such meetings can be fleeting but can leave a lasting impression on either you or them. It is important not to take the people that cross paths with you and choose to stick by you for granted be they either family or friend.

I have had the privilege to meet some wonderful people through my life so far; There have been those who even with a single meeting have left an impression on me and a select few that I consider to be close friends. Although I may not see my friends and family each and every day, I still think of them often and will always care about them and I think those who know me know that if they ever needed anything I would do anything within my power for them.

So to my friends and family, I am truly thankful to have you in my life and no matter how long goes between seeing or speaking to each other I am truly blessed to have you in my life and you will always be a part of it.¬†Here is to the good times and the fun shared and times to come and thank you to those who stuck by me through the not so good days and nights. Let’s make the future an awesome one.

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