Taking the long way home

So it looks like I am taking a round about way home all be it unintentionally. Left work a little bit later than usual tonight but made it to Freo just in time for my bus. 520 pulls up so I jump on and am on my way however in between pulling up and leaving he had changed from a 520 to a 532. Whilst the same end destination this route doesn’t go anywhere near my house so I discovered when the diverge about half way through so I will have a probably long wait for a bus back home or a 4ish km walk, I think I will go for the walk 🙂

It may not have been part of the plan for this evening but the way I see it the universe is giving me some time to enjoy the beautiful hues across the sky this evening. I refuse to let small inconveniences affect my mood and hopefully can flesh out some poem and story ideas on the walk home.


Wow that bus route certainly takes the long way around! Some routes are kinda senseless after the main section for the first 10 minutes where pretty much all buses follow I was the only one on there for the remainder of the trip through to Cockburn Central but much better than walking home from Fremantle at any rate. I did end up doing the walk back home from there according to runkeeper the freeway route was 3.7km long to my house so the estimate of 4kmish was pretty close and I did it in 37 minutes giving me an average pace of a smidgen above 6kph which used to really hurt to sustain but had no issues.  Been months since I have been regularly walking ever since I started driving into work good to know that my pace hasn’t really suffered and no real aches starting back up again I guess if I can maintain that kinda pace and continue to improve (was 12 – 15 minute km’s at the beginning of the year) my weight will start to drop off rather than slowly meander its way down which it has been doing lately, definitely not complaining about still dropping 10kg since August without doing a great deal that’s for sure.

I hope that everyone is having a pleasant evening / day whichever the case may be.

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