Blue Eyes

On the train on the way to work today I sat opposite a woman that we mutually kept looking at each other, from my point of view it was due to the fact that her eyes hit me like a freight train.

If there is one thing that I know, it is sadness and it is something that I have seen reflected back at me over several years whenever I looked in a mirror through my own eyes but to see such a deep level of sadness from another that was controlling their outward appearance was truly staggering and I will admit feeling bad that someone had gotten to the point of feeling that way. Whilst we all have our stories and I do not know the circumstances around her or what drove home those feelings I couldn’t help but be moved.

Aside from the ode to the bear, owl and wolf that I still wish to write I felt the urge to write something and although it is unlikely that we will cross paths again it is my way of saying; Hey, I saw and I hope that things look up for you, and it is ok to not control your outward appearance all the time especially with emotions like that.

This is a departure from the standard structure that my poetry has taken since I have started writing yet, and if anyone wants to offer criticism please feel free; My focus with this was on the imagery and a disjointed approach to the structure.

 Blonde locks caressing a gentle face
you sit so close, yet oh so far.
Your eyes search mine
from across the way.

Such pain!

Eyes are gateways to our souls
the pain you hold shining as bright as day.
Unassuming gentle face
sadness and sorrow brighter than any star.

Sat so close, yet so far away
Remember; No rainbow without the rain!

Notes I jotted down for it:

Unassuming face
Blue clouded eyes
Sorrow and pain
Feeling Alone

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