Wandering About Sengiggi

Sengiggi beach behind the art market, the ship in the distance is driving piles down into the ocean floor to lay a new wharf for fast boats to travel between Sengiggi and Bali


Sengiggi Beach just behind the Art Market, first day there the water did not look good and there was a lot of trash along the beach that appeared to be brought in by the current, however the remainder of the stay the beach was considerably cleaner and the water more inviting.

 A busy Sengiggi street… Seriously it was rare to see more than a couple of vehicles on the road a time there, on the left is the Art Market where you can do your usual shopping with some more up market shops for pearls and jewelry

 A place to relax while waiting to have a massage if they were busy (which they never seemed to be)

 A much nicer and more inviting view of Sengiggi beach. The boats along the shore can be hired for trips out to the Gilli Islands

 Sunset over Sengiggi beach

 Improving international relations

Overall the walking around Sengiggi is relatively comfortable, there is reasonable condition footpaths for the most part throughout the area however as typical for areas that get a lot of rain there is step ups and downs at curbs and crossings, it is like your own personal stepper whilst walking and makes for some decent exercise. Compared with other areas of Indonesia there is considerably less hawkers around you can go for extended stretches without seeing any and when you do they are considerably more friendly with you only having to tell them you are not interested and they will then wish you a good day/evening whichever the case may be and are also happy to just chat away with you about things as well, it is considerably more laid back and relaxed than other areas and to be honest felt like it was deserted.

The Art Market was a prime example of this, some shops set up with a couple of restaurants and stores around in a nice square area leading out to the beach with only a couple of people in it, the impression that I got is it was built ready for a tourist boom which did not appear to happen thanks to the bombings that took place in Bali in 2002, with the new international airport and some direct flights going there now this may change but I hope it doesn’t go the path of areas of Bali with development taking place absolutely everywhere as it is refreshing to walk past stretches which have not been developed yet.

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