Friday – A Lazy Day

Friday was a very lazy day, not that there is nothing wrong with that we were on holiday after all and that was the purpose of this trip as well as to unwind. Had breakfast down at the buffet in the morning whilst we were working out what we wanted to do for the day which ended up being not a great deal. After breakfast we headed down for a walk along the beach to see how the day changes it and the answer to that was a lot apparently. Walked down to the Art Market to gain access to the beach and was once again struck with the distinct lack of people here, for Indonesia it is simply mind boggling. A few horse and cart drivers got our attention on the walk down but were no trouble saying no with a smile was enough and they wished us a good day and we continued on our way to the beach. Talk about a fundamental difference! I think the rubbish that is brought in is mostly tidal based brought in from the other islands as this morning the beach was nice and clean and the waters for the most part clear a big difference compared to yesterday afternoon that’s for sure.
Another thing that is a massive contrast is the overall lack of development beach side which I  personally think is a good thing. A lot of the beaches in Bali for example are swarming with people and stalls of varying descriptions; You have the older massage ladies for a beach side massage, the ice cream and drink mobile vendors,  the vendors selling varying handicrafts, children selling bracelets and nick knacks, small stalls/food carts and the beggars. It’s pretty much impossible to go more than 10-20m and not get asked for something. Nothing like that here which is a great change. Near the entrance there is a tour booming place with a couple of people around it with necklaces and such and to the left there are a couple of tables set up selling drinks and fruit/small snacks and such but for the most part that is it, you can walk along the beach without anyone bothering you; On the path you can go hundreds of meters without anyone and then the occasional necklace vendor but it is all stress and hassle free. This time we went all the way to the point of the bay which appears to be the back of a resort much like the other end, at the exit the is a couple of guys selling shirts and jewelry and a couple massage women but no hassle and certainly not crowded.
After that it was time to circle back and see what the main street side has to offer, we found a lane leading back up to the main street and headed up it. The beginning section seemed to be more of a local market sort of deal which understandably had more people bit overall was still rather quiet.  After that is the resort on the point to the right and a bunch of open space before some massage places and what looked like places that were once night clubs but did not really take off. At the main street corner it looked like we were in the main night entertainment section of town worth a few bars and more up market places to eat and kick back but still not what I would consider shopping, is not really a great deal of that in Sengiggi but we did pass a surf and another clothing “normal” store on the way back to the hotel. Dad was ready to read and have a nap by this point as we had been out for a few hours and it was heading into the hottest part of the day so I left him back at the hotel and headed back out to follow the same route to try out a massage.
Picked a place on the lane leading up from the beach and went in for a full body massage for 2 hours for 120,000 which was reasonable, whilst not the first massage I have had to get completely naked for it still does leave me feeling somewhat awkward but did not prove to be an issue. The massage wasn’t bad but not really good enough to resolve the tension in my shoulders.  There was a little place next door, that was an art gallery, bar and restaurant all in one and I still had time before we had scheduled to meet up so I decided to stop in for a few beers. 30,000 ($3) for a large bottle of Bintang and a glass is a good deal in my book so I ended up staying for a couple and got chatting with a woman who had just moved over from Bali. Of all the expats I am meeting over here a lot of them seem to be long term residents to Indonesia but are changing their locale from Bali over to Lombok and seeing myself how Bali has been changing over the last few years personally I can’t blame them. The special Nasi Goreng that she had looked absolutely amazing so I had decided that I would bring the others back here for dinner and after 3 big beers it was getting close to the meetup time so it was time to meet up with the others. No disrespect to the old boy but he isn’t as fit as he pumps himself up to be and the walk back certainly went by a lot quicker.
Met up with the others and told them about the little place that I had found on the lane and they seemed keen so we headed back on down that way; One thing I do love when I travel I definitely get a lot of walking in, whilst I was stateside I lost a reasonable amount of weight on both of my trips there this year. My last 2 even with the crazy amount I did in Nepal and the reasonable amount in Lombok I stayed exactly the same weight before and after trouble with losing a large amount it gets harder as you move forever downwards towards your goal the plus side is even with all the foods I was trying I didn’t put on anything so that is a positive. We got back there and the others present when I first left were no longer there so it was just us. The place is owned by Bang Bang a local, he does all the cooking as well as all the painting and there must have been hundreds of works in there from landscapes, features and portraits and all were amazingly well done and very beautiful in my limited understanding and appreciation of art; From discussions with him his works are displayed in galleries in Bali, Jakarta and as far away as Singapore which was great to hear as it was well deserved. Had a flashback to Nepal whilst here with a power cut their generator had died a couple of days earlier and someone still had not come to repair it so we had our dinner and drinks by torch and candlelight making it a somewhat unique experience. The special Nasi Goreng that I had seen earlier met, exceeded and pretty much blew my expectations out of the water it was the most amazing that I have ever tasted and would go back again if just for that. Have to be careful with ordering for dad so I chose a chicken and vegetable soup thinking it was the safest bet unfortunately it came with half a chili used in its preparation so he couldn’t eat it. Bang Bang was devastated and you can really tell that he cares about what he makes and the effort he puts in based on the reaction he had; Dad wasn’t overly hungry though so he skipped on having it remade and as I was absolutely full from my meal Heemi demolished it and it was apparently rather good.
We had great conversation on a variety of topics that night in a relaxed and laid back atmosphere and I am glad that I can easily remember where to find this place as it is one that I will be going back to again for sure. But as it was getting late for the old boy it was time to head back to the hotel for him and as the night for us was still young it was time to check out a bar, we got back to the main street and walked down as far as the Art Market being just around the corner from the hotel we parted ways and then headed back up the way that we were to find a place for a quiet drink. Just past where we were was a few restaurants and pubs and after one really packed one Happy Cafe about 2 doors down we found Mario’s which was to become a bar I would spend the next few evenings in. I will write further on Mario’s later as I spent a lot of time there myself but we spent the remainder of the night there pretty much until they closed quietly sipping on bourbon and cokes and left with a bar bill the equivalent of only a couple of drinks in Perth.
All in all the day was rather lazy, but hey we were on holiday afterall and I thought it was a great day!

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