Monday – Marge the Rains are Ere’

We had small splattering of rain that were relatively short lived for the most part on a few of our days here however they never really interfered with doing anything; Today however would prove to be the exemption to that with a tropical downpour settling in just after breakfast and lasting the entire day.


There was a decent amount of rain to be had over the course of today which kept us mostly indoors, well in my case mostly on the balcony watching it pour down as I have always loved storms. Had some reasonable thunder however nothing really earth shattering which was somewhat disappointed to me as there is nothing like listening to the crackle of lightning, rolling thunder as the rain falls all around you and lightning was not present at least within my field of view however it did not detract from enjoying the rain. As the day dragged on and we were getting a little peckish as we only had a light breakfast I remembered we had room service.

Club sandwich for me with a banana milkshake and fish and chips for dad nicely delivered to our room by 2 guys. 1 to carry the tray and 1 to carry the umbrellas certainly can’t ask for much more than that. I was hoping to do some writing during this time however I was enjoying watching the storm too much however I did at least pencil out around 2 chapters for a short story idea I have in my head during it so it wasn’t a total waste in that regard.


Thankfully as it entered the evening the rain disappeared as quickly as it set in and as dad wasn’t interested in dinner I decided to head out for a massage and some dinner; I was looking forward to a full body massage to continue to work on my shoulders and neck but given that that entire region of my body was rather charbroiled and even the rubbing of my shirt was somewhat uncomfortable I went with a foot and calf reflexology massage for an hour which was incredibly relaxing and well worth it. Acceptable as a consolation prize šŸ™‚

After the massage I was just around the corner from Mario’s and was in the mood for something light for dinner so decided to spend my last evening in the tropical paradise in there and was planning on having something local again but as the owner was Austrian (or German) there was a selection of European dishes on offer and when I spotted Goulash I had to go for it and was really glad that I did. I have had the privilege of eating a lot of amazing goulash, fried potatoes and caramelized onions but that absolutely took the cake. After dinner I spent some timeĀ chatting with the regulars that I had met over the previous few nights had learnt a great deal off them, for example rent for a house locally is between 400,000 – 700,000 ($40 – $70) a month and prostitution does exist here it just took awhile to be found and unlike their cousins over in Bali they are not what I would consider working girls, the couple I met and chatted with as it was quiet weren’t really done up in nice clothes with jewelry or makeup and I even saw an old nokia, they simply do it occasionally to pay their rent. Personally whilst I understand the economics of the situation I still cannot help but feel saddened that it has to come to that for people. The one that I was chatting with was literally brand new the friend of one of the guys I was drinking with hadn’t seen her or the woman she came in with before and all she knew of her was she had a couple of young kids.

The guy I was drinking with ended up leaving with the older one that I wasn’t chatting with and I had made perfectly clear when she chose to start talking with me that she had one chance to leave there with me and that was none. The friend of the guy I was drinking with was rather surprised probably given my age but called me a good man and I spent the evening chatting away with the younger one who didn’t seem to mind that I wouldn’t be leaving with her and seemed to just like the conversation. She had 2 daughters and was currently between jobs as the 9 month old had been sick which was what prompted her to be out that evening and her husband had run off back to Bali a few months previously leaving her with the kids, not the easiest of lives for a 23 year old. Sometimes you know when you are being bullshitted to but I didn’t get that feeling from her for the most part and had a fairly reasonable level of of confidence based on my conversation with the others before they left that she was above board.

As I was flying in the morning I wanted to stop at a few of drinks so I paid my bill and went to leave for the evening when she begged me to take her back for the evening as she didn’t have a choice as she needed the money, I told her that I understood but I was sorry I wouldn’t do it and she apologized for asking. I did however look in my wallet around how much I had left as I had to pay for the taxi and departure taxes in the morning to leave Indonesia and given I still had a reasonable amount left I ended up just giving her $50 which would cover her rent for a month. Whilst I don’t consider $50 pocket change and it is still a reasonable amount of money to me it however only represents 1 taxi ride home from the city which is rather pale in comparison and even if I was being had on a little it still represented either rent or food for her kids as based on her appearance she didn’t exactly spend a lot on herself.

She did surprise me though, she gave me her number as she wants to pay me back when I am next in Lombok. In the end I made my choice, I could have easily and somewhat justifiably taken her for the evening but that is not who I wish to be, I would rather just part ways with the cash if it is going to be used for something and get nothing out of it.

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