Lombok – Final Thoughts

Like everything in life there is the wheel, where there is a beginning the wheel turns to come to an end and a new beginning.


I went to Lombok without knowing what to expect, and I guess without expectations you can never be disappointed but Lombok definitely was a pleasant surprise. Given that there are now direct flights over there from here and you can pick them up on sale for next to nothing I may have found a new weekend getaway location for relaxation and unwinding. After spending almost a week there I can certainly understand why so many of the expats that I met have been or are in the process of relocating their base in Indonesia over from Bali to Lombok as it is a very different pace.


The island may not have the same underlying sense of power that Bali can have that isles name the Isle of the Gods is certainly well earned but it has been becoming increasingly more and more diluted as more and more people head over there to see and experience it it is very sad to see. It is a completely different pace over there and if you are a party animal Ubud/Legian and Kuta over in Bali are definitely the place for you to be however if you want to see some different sights and sounds as well as just relax in a mostly untouched tropical Island I would highly recommend going over there.


I am not sure what it is like in the peak tourist season as we were only just out of it and there was so little people around in Sengiggi at least however the Gili’s are likely to have people the bulk of the time but even there was not what I would consider crowded. Next time I definitely have to get over to the east side of the island apparently Lomboks’ Kuta has a beach just like on Gili T and great water as well and from everything I have heard the eastern side of the island is considerably less developed than the west where we were based.


– Not being hassled
– Mostly untouched natural surroundings
– Snorkeling in the Gili Islands
– Good value


Lowlights (or potential):

– Shopping (Mataram city may be different but Sengiggi didn’t have a great deal of shopping opportunities which is no issue for me)
– 1 Visa on Arrival desk, recommend getting a seat towards the front of the plane


I was very glad that I ended up deciding to go right along the road from our hotel when dad suggested it for our last morning there, walked for about an hour or so all up before breakfast and it made for some fantastic views, next time I will definitely use the DSLR. I am definitely looking forward to going back and exploring other areas of the island, however if you are not a party animal I do recommend staying on Gili T or Air but make sure you are not on the main strip as apparently they do like to party.

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