ANZ Bank – The Falcon (aka the Blind Apteryx (Kiwi))

I don’t feel the need to rant very often, and I wouldn’t say I am overly angry here just somewhat frustrated and amused at the very stark contrasts between banks.

Here is a letter of feedback I sent with my dispute form to the ANZ bank around disputed transactions on my credit card.


Please find attached as requested the completed transaction dispute form, however I would also like to add some feedback here.

The card that has been compromised is only ever used for one thing with the exception of the time that I was in the United States and that is to pay my health insurance so when several airline tickets appear as transactions I would have thought this would raise some red flags which was not the case.

This was not picked up on at all, and it took me noticing that my credit card was over its limit for the first time and wondering how that happened to get this sorted out, at which time I called to discuss it where the card was cancelled, a new one issued and I was advised that the quickest way to have this resolved and have the funds returned was to lodge the dispute online which I was told where to find the option and then took advantage of it.

This took place on the 29th of November and I received an email advising me it was lodged and considering I had heard nothing I assumed that it was proceeding along all be it taking awhile, but when I was asked to check the balance on a savings account under my netbank I notice a secure mail there advising that I needed to complete all the same information that was done in the online form via a paper form and then send it through within a week.

This was dated the 11th of December, now it has already been over a week and I have only just noticed this, Considering a dispute notification was emailed to me when I lodged it and I selected email or mobile as my method of correspondence I would have expected to be notified other than a little email symbol in netbank, it relies on the customer using this service on a regular basis and being observant enough to notice the secure mail notification.

Now in obtaining the form for completion it advises that this will take 35 days to resolve, now this appears to be on top of the 20 days that have already elapsed, in this time my monthly credit card payment is due and a letter has been received requesting the over limit amount paid on top of the amount which were not transactions I authorised, and I have incurred an over limit charge.

And to further add to the humour of this experience, I have never used my private health insurance and the first time I go to do so it is declined, which I find is due to my monthly payment bouncing.

Now this in contrast to my experience with another financial institution. My card was copied most likely on a trip out in rural Western Australia, a week later on a Sunday I get a call at 6am waking me up asking if I was currently in Sydney and when I responded no I was told they didn’t think so but my card was being used there at various locations for several thousand dollars. I asked them what I needed to do and was advised don’t worry the transactions have already been voided and I have cancelled the card a new one should get to you in a couple of days.

Given my experience with my previous financial institution and given the fact that ANZ is currently massively advertising the falcon card protection I find this whole experience frankly laughable. I also understand there is not a great deal that you can do around this as you will be working within the confines of policy, however I hope that this feedback can be passed further up the chain at least and that you have a merry Christmas.


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