A rare evening out

As a general rule I don’t get out a great deal, mostly driven by the fact that food and drink prices here in Perth are not on the side of what I would consider reasonable and given that I typically can drink a reasonable amount when I am in the mood for it doing so on a regular basis would send me quite broke quite fast. Typically me being social will consist of catching up with a couple of friends at one of our places and a few drinks as it doesn’t tend to smash the wallet so much, but it also creates a situation where you don’t get to meet new people or really have a chance for greater social interaction so I think it is good to get out from time to time. After work on Friday I was wanting to go camera shopping for a waterproof camera, have decided on the Canon PowerShot D20 as I already have the Canon DSLR and it supports the Canon Hack Development Kit which will allow full manual controls as well as the ability to shoot in RAW which I have become accustomed to shooting with my 7D and at its price of $225 – $250 seemed like a good deal; It however seems like a very popular camera there are no JB Hifi, Dick Smiths with it in stock and Camera House in the city didn’t have any either so it seems like I will have to order the thing online.

The other reason for heading home via the city was I wanted to get out for a few drinks and just have some people interaction in general. Internally for me it had been a pretty rough week, usually I don’t have a great deal of trouble seeing positives in things and although I do feel sadness and loneliness on and off overall I have been doing a pretty good job of keeping my head above water and not letting these feelings drag me down but it has proven to be increasingly difficult this past week. Have been pretty burnt out, alternating between not being able to get to sleep and then sleeping for ages but in both instances the outcome was the same my resting hours plagued by nightmares and unlike usual being unable to pull myself out of them leaving my waking hours feeling, well blergh would be the best description actually. Now Christmas to me this year hasn’t really felt like a great time and it’s a time of year that can go a lot of ways depending on your situation but overall society in general it tends to be a happier time of year with people going about their business with a decent amount of good cheer around.

It was that I really needed come Friday night, and what I saw in people surprised the hell out of me.

After trying out several stores and being unable to find the camera I was after it was time to sit and think about things and indulge the old chestnut people watching, it ended up taking about half an hour to find a bench with space in the city which given how busy it was and so I sat to think about things and watch the world go by around me. For what has typically been a time of year that brings people together overall and an underlying sense of happiness seemed to be missing from the people going about around me; There seemed to be a great deal of anger and frustration going around. I saw many fights and arguments between people, and a large amount of unhappiness in general which wasn’t nice to witness; But like everything there is always some light in the darkness and there were a few genuinely happy and light spirited people about which proved enough to allow me to banish the thoughts of why do I bother back to where the belong but still they were there. Overall it really doesn’t seem like a great Christmas period for a lot of people and increasingly there is darkness and discontent creeping its way throughout the world around us and I am not sure if I want to see where things are heading. But it is surprising how fast time can disappear when you are lost in your thoughts and I had already been sitting there for a few hours when I looked at the time so it was time to have a couple of drinks and head home.

$13 for a pint, my first beer was a definite reminder of why it is I don’t go out drinking at bars very often as I know how many of them I can put away when I am in the mood to so after a couple it was 9pm and I was about ready to head home so it was off to the train station.

perth trainstation

Needless to say I wasn’t going to be getting home that way, the entire station was filled with people and there was no actual room to move, given that trains run half hourly at this time of night it would take many of them to clear out the volume of people that were currently on the platform and there was a constant stream of more people coming in so I decided bugger it I would just pay the $50 taxi fare home rather than deal with that. So I wandered around to a few different areas that taxis congregate in the city for just over an hour unable to find one without a fare already, so I kept wandering back to the train station 3 trains and the same sight unable to move let alone get on one so figured I would try my luck in Northbridge. Same deal, lots of taxis around but none without a fare so I figured I would wait it out and let the bulk of the people exit the city before trying again later to leave so I made my way into Universal Bar for a few more drinks.

“Surrender to the shadow, just throw yourself in” – Sarah

It’s kinda funny throughout my life even when I was actually underage and having the occasional drink in a pub I believe I can count the number of times I have been asked for ID on one hand, most people were getting carded at the door many of which were fairly obviously in their 30’s however I was just waved past them and straight in which is fairly typical, as much as I have been told I don’t look my age I guess I simply am unassuming enough to bouncers to just walk straight in. The place was well and truly packed and of the few times I have been in here it was definitely the most crowded I have ever seen it with movement throughout the premises defined by your ability to contort your body into various shapes into. There was a live band on and the place was absolutely pumping and feeling rather relaxed and proved to be more the atmosphere I was looking for and tonight would prove to give me something that I had joked about on and off for years. When I used to go out somewhat more frequently in my younger years getting hit on and my ass grabbed was not an altogether uncommon occurrence however it always proved to be the guys asking if I swung that way or the an ass grab at a bar. Now personally I don’t believe your sexuality is a choice, ok you can choose to experiment if you wish granted however what you are attracted to I don’t think you have a choice around and in my case females are what do it for me so I often joked it would be nice if just once a woman would grab my ass when I was out and tonight would prove to be the night for that wish to be granted. As a general rule of thumb I tend to be very oblivious when people are interested in me and although I do like to be somewhat flirtatious it is typically reserved for people that I know and dealing with it in reverse always takes me by surprise and I never quite know how to deal with it, even more so when I actually have no interest in it at the moment.

I also learnt that apparently there is an actor out there that must look a lot like me from a woman that rather seemed to like my ass, at one point putting her hand on it and asking me if I was in film. When I responded with umm nope she said she must have me mistaken with someone else however that did not seem to deter her advances for the remainder of the night and she was the one that gave me the line I quoted above. She appeared to be there with a guy I had first assumed to be her husband as she was older (mid 40’s at a guess) however neither had a ring so likely just a date for the evening. She was certainly rather taken with me and made a point to let me know when he had left and spend some time rubbing against my thigh when I was sitting at the bar, was rather flattering as she was quite the looker and in good shape however I really wasn’t interested and as the night went on she did not prove to be the only one with her sights set on me.

I also proved to be good for something, dealing with unwanted advances; When I was outside having a smoke there was a really drunk girl and her friend who was a very touchy feely drunk and she had her own pack of vultures hanging around that her friend that was mostly still sober was trying to get her away from that they wouldn’t have a bar of as she was definitely playing very keen. Her friend ended up dragging her behind me to get her away from them and as the guys approached I just folded my arms and smirked which proved to be the end of that and she took her friend home. Afterwards headed back in for another drink as there still wasn’t any unoccupied taxis around and played the part of the stand in boyfriend to deal with another unwanted advance. Got back to the bar and there was a woman that had been smiling at me each time we crossed paths still dealing with a guy hitting on her from when I went out and when I stood next to her to grab a drink she pointed back and went I’m with him which prompted me to turn and she lent back against my chest and told him we were together. I just smiled and said hi to him; Have never seen a guy disappear so fast in my life I had to stifle a laugh at this point. Can certainly understand why she was getting hit on though she was a rather cute blonde and a lot of guys do like that look, she wanted to dance but I declined. She was surprised that I was there alone and told me if she saw me still alone in 10 minutes she would be back so I quietly moved to a different area of the bar. A different spot, and a different woman constantly looking at me; after awhile of looking at me and smiling she got the idea that I wasn’t going to make a move and ended up hooking up with the guy that was. My first impression was this is not going to end well, and unfortunately proved to be correct as at the end of the night she was outside crying so I offered to help her get a taxi home but she wandered off on her own after thanking me.

Each time I headed outside I kept looking for a taxi as I had wanted this night to be an early one, but come closing time I still hadn’t found one so come 1am and the close of the bar it was time to wander around in search of one again. The few that I did find empty and stopped were only interested in heading north so after 3 taxi stands I decided to just give one a call and 3:30am it showed up and I was home for 4am far later than I was planning on being out but overall I did not regret it, I had fun and it was just what I needed to rest my frame of mind. If I had a different code of ethics chances are I would not have gone home alone, however if I did I wouldn’t be me; And I quite like who I am.

To do one of those mastercard ads:
Money spent on alcohol: $150
Taxi fare home: $50
Effect on ego and state of mind: Priceless

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