So this is Christmas

With the solstice no past and the year making its progress towards the end of 2013 and the birth of 2014 the modern frivolities of Christmas are once again upon us. This time of the year holds importance to many faiths and ways of life but there is the common themes of friendship, joy and giving (and massive commercialism these days) that make up our modern Christmas.

As we walk our path in this life we cross paths with many people, some are just fleeting encounters, some you walk with for all your paths and some however long or short it may be make a lasting impression on us. I am lucky in all senses of the world with the people that I have met throughout my life thus far and to them I say this, Have a great Christmas all, be it with friends or family we all have things that crop up and things that are not great, but if you can’t everyday at least make today a great one.

There are plenty of people that are not so lucky on this day, to those unable to be with their family as they are serving overseas, stay safe and I am sure your mates and families at home will more than make up for it upon your return; There are many sacrifices that are made but have a happy and safe day.

To those affected by situations outside of their control and today may feel like the darkest of days know that there is always hope, and no matter how bad you feel there are people out there that do care, no one should ever feel nameless or worthless we are all individuals and each of us is wonderful in our own ways.

To those that choose to spend their time alone this day I hope that however this day is spent it is a good one.

A new year is almost upon us, and a new beginning have a safe and happy merry Christmas everyone.

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