Prejudice and jumping to conclusions

One of the most interesting things I find with people is viewpoints. The world is a mismash of diverse and unique individuals and we all look at things in our own way, a slight slant depending on the person in particular if you will. Now in regards to a lot of things viewpoints and understandings overlap and it’s used to define what is “normal”, we group things together in order to make things easier on our minds it saves space, time and in a lot of ways having to actually think about things.

However just because you have a personal belief it does not always mean that it is going to be correct, and there are plenty of instances where this conditioning can lead to jumping to conclusions most of the time these can be harmless and don’t really harm anybody (except potentially making you look like an idiot) but in some instances there are jobs where if you are unable to either:
a) Separate personal beliefs about a subject/group of people/situation
b) Draw conclusions and group things together when they may not be remotely related
In these situations there are several lines of work that you really should avoid in my opinion.

I have a great deal of respect for nurses, whilst doctors come up with diagnosis and treatment plans a lot of the grunt work associated with the ongoing care of people is taken care of by nursing staff. Long hours, not always the greatest of conditions or necessarily given the deserved respect from either patients or those around them (friends/family). Being sick and hospitalized sucks no argument there but there is no point making the person who has to look after you lives miserable, they may be skipping meals or be busting for the toilet but ensuring that you or your loved ones receive the care that is required.

I don’t believe it is an easy job, there are demands emotionally as well as physically and it takes a special kind of person to be able to do that for others and to be constantly surrounded by the sick, aged and dying but by the same token it is a profession where I feel you need to leave any preconceptions, judgments and classifications at the door or consider an alternate line of employment; Whilst yes there will be a lot of things that are very similar not every similar situation will be exactly the same and they must all be treated as different and approached with an open mind.

In the link below the nurse in question appeared to be biased towards someone simply because they were in a wheelchair and spoke with a thicker accent. Now this didn’t necessarily need to pose a problem the nurse could have turned to the friend and said I am having difficulty understanding her could you please relay this required information for me and they likely would have been able to meet somewhere in the middle, but the nurse went as far as telling the person to their face that they are not a real person.

Now that is just ridiculous, to dehumanize someone on the basis of your own beliefs is not something I would expect from a decent human being much less someone who is supposed to deal in compassion and care and is something I would have thought would have been identified considerably earlier on and addressed by her supervisors. The trouble is a lot of people go unnoticed and are not necessarily spoken out against because it is too much effort, the fact that the doctor observed her behaviour was a good thing as it was immediately addressed.

No one has the right to make someone feel less than they are simply because they are different.

But because you see a large number of cases with the same things does not mean they will all be like that; According to the triage nurse at Armadale Hospital my sister was drunk and high on drugs and she was annoyed at her that she couldn’t get herself out of the car. Now my sister hasn’t drank in years and has never done drugs but I am sure she would have got out of the car under her own steam if she wasn’t unconscious and flopping around. Just because you see a lot of drug users doesn’t automatically mean everyone will be one, and if you can’t treat each case as different you should be doing another job.

Our species has been blessed us with a number of useful things, opposable thumbs and a mind/intellect we should use them. It may save space/processing power in our minds to just lump everything together but there are plenty of jobs where this should not be the case.


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  • Kate says:

    Hey hun 🙂

    Though the body of your post is much agreeable, the article in the link itself smacks of being made up somehow.
    Here’s hoping, right?!


    • jbawden says:

      I would love to agree with you on that one, but the stuff that I have been seeing around and in increasing volumes over the last few years doesn’t particularly bode well for it being made up and hasn’t done wonders for my level of faith in humanity.

      But there is also instances in the increasing of the trolldom and people that make shit up for a rise or the hell of it.

      Both have the same impact on my faith in humanity.

  • Kate says:

    I can suggest taking things like this at face value until you have sufficient reason to believe they are not fabricated by trolls who I agree, are just out there to bring down the pleasures of every day life – I would write a passage here about perhaps concentrating on the nicer things in life and the positive feeds on people and events that come our way every now and then but I honestly do not feel I need to, you have plenty of those on your blog already and I know you well enough now to know that you certainly do not always focus on the negative.

    A testament to your mother and your own ideals I think 🙂

    ps. Whilst you’re concentrating on thinking positively, could you perhaps focus that thinking on my effing flu??

    • jbawden says:

      Yeah I usually do tend to try and take things at face value unless something obviously jumps out as being really fishy.

      This blog is an effort for me to become less of an introvert and actually get out the things I think about, find interesting and whatnot. Some things really piss me off and I will share my thoughts on them, others I find interesting and put up what I think about.

      Overall though I try to keep the theme more slanted towards a positive take on things as there is always several sides to a situation, and overall I am a fairly positive person, and even in negatives I try to find positives but when it comes to me and emotions that is not always easy but I try.

      Would love to help, but think I am coming down with something myself these last few days and need to focus on that, I hate getting sick but hopefully you feel better soon *hugs* 🙂

  • Kate says:

    It’s ridiculous, it’s everywhere. Skeleton staff at work as most of us are off sick.
    I blame eva, she’s a little typhoid mary 😛 I’ve had it for a week and a half now.

    hope you manage to sail over the top of this one!

    • jbawden says:

      The joys of children I guess 🙂

      And thanks, seem to be doing mostly ok but a good solid sleep would probably cure what ails me. Been lucky to get about 3 hours a night broken this last week.

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