Somebody upstairs likes me

To say that it has been an interesting evening in my neighborhood would be somewhat of an understatement.

Left work a little later than usual so had a bit of time to wait in Fremantle before the bus home leading to me getting back to my suburb about 40 minutes later than usual, remembered I was out of cat food so decided to stop off at the shop to pick some up before heading home. Did my shopping featuring the almost obligatory Wow cool! comment from the cashier when I paid with my phone and headed home. As I was about to cross the road to head down to my street I got what felt like being hit by a train and the mother of all bad feelings. Now throughout my life I have always been used to seeing/sensing things but to see a rather large amount of shadows moving down that street was very off putting to say the least.

So instead I thought I would take some time out and figure out what was up at the lake which is my usual calm and happy place so instead of crossing the road I continued through the park to the lake and the bench there at which point I heard a massive explosion and turned around to see a fireball going in the sky. Now if I hadn’t decided to go with my gut and go to the lake I pretty much would have been outside or very damn near the house which exploded and subsequently turned into a heck of a fire. Now I have a lot of things in my life that I am very thankful for and I actually like being back and staying back at a point where I like it and myself and whilst once upon a time I would have potentially viewed ceasing to be doing me a favor tonight was the other way around. I am very thankful that I wasn’t there.

Police, fire trucks and ambulances were soon on the scene I counted 2 firetrucks initially but I think by the end there was more however a woman calling out oh my god he is on fire is something that I will likely remember for some time to come. They teach you in school and Mr Mackey from South Park summed it up pretty well with “Drugs are bad, mmmmkay” and cooking meth with gas bottles is hazardous not only to your health but also the health of those around you. There were a few arrests that took place and one guy managed to bolt which lead to a helicopter and search light for awhile (even had it following me for a bit) but the blaze was ultimately contained but the area smelt incredibly bad for awhile. The officers at the scene told me if I was quick I could get around Glenbawn from the other direction before they blocked off my own street completely so I headed off as there was nothing I could really do in this situation and the right people were already there.

Fairly certain that the house was totally destroyed but will find out in the morning as I walk past it to catch my bus and hopefully it was just contained to that as pretty much right next door is a set of small units for the elderly; I hope that the immediate neighbors and the oldies living in those units escaped without incident and my thoughts are certainly with them at this time. It was suggested to me that I buy a lotto ticket after this experience to which I say no, I am not greedy. I view it as saying hey thanks for ensuring that I was not harmed this evening, while you are dishing out this level of luck can you make me win lotto too and make me really rich that in my opinion is just selfish.

Just started hearing traffic in my street again so I am assuming that the area is no longer cordoned off but tonight I am certainly left feeling more thankful than usual.

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  • Kym says:

    THAT IS CRAZY!!! Yeah meth labs are surprisingly more common than you think. If you suspect you have one in your street – feel free to report it because of situations like this where you and the neighbours could have died cause some fool wants to make fast cash. In summary “Drugs are bad, mk!” 😉

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