Today I have definitely been feeling out of sorts which was an odd contrast to the general feeling and state of mind of yesterday but sometimes you have to let go of logic and reason and follow your feet.

So this evening instead of heading straight home I just let my feet do the walking curious to see where I would end up, the answer to that being the beach and feeling much better overall.

As I sat and gazed upon the sun making it’s daily pilgrimage beneath the horizon to bring its light and a new day to the other corners of the globe I reflect and feel peace and contentment, my concious mind letting go of the angst and conflict building up within me,  first what was there to begin with then frustration over not understanding why.

The beach certainly was peaceful,  the suns rays casting their last caress out over the water, the heavy breeze coming in from out over the ocean carrying away with it all the worries of the day and finally the rhythm of the waves against the rocks as the tide slowly rises for the evening answering the call of the moon provided much needed peace,  stillness and clarity.

Basically not ignoring it or pushing it aside and just letting go and trusting my intuition I ended up exactly where I needed to be to find peace and answers to questions driving my turmoil. As much as I may be a fire sign water will always calm me down and in its rhythm I can usually find answers if I am prepared to be patient and listen.

I am glad that I am not the person I once was,  I know I would have just ignored it and it would have just continued to gnaw at me, getting worse and worse leaving me still wondering what the question I was.

I stand not because I must but because I can, I struggle and question and fight because although letting go and not caring may be simpler and easy it is not the right path for me. And that truth brings me far more happiness and peace than being a shadow ever did.

“Air and water,
Sky and sea.
Elements of nature; life and soul.
Guide me to be that which is whole..”

Tonight I am thankful for the guidance received and the ability to easily be where I needed to be and have an absolutely beautiful and peaceful place to watch the world go by and think.

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