A slight surprise

It seems that I walk more on a given day than I thought without counting trying to get any real motivated attempt at getting exercise or going out of my way for a walk. One of the features in the Samsung Galaxy S4 is its S Health app which is basically a health tracking app. It can count your steps as well as food, walking, workouts, weight and overall comfort level. I have had the S4 for awhile now but have only recently started out using the app to track my activity on a daily basis.

At the moment it is basically tracking my steps each day which for the most part is me getting up and walking to the bus, train, work and around the office and then the return journey. Currently have 3.5 weeks worth of data and the results were actually surprising. Each day can be somewhat variable as it depends on which bus I end up catching as one has a longer walk to and from home and where I go to get lunch at work either just downstairs or a bit away.

But based on the 3.5 weeks of work day data I apparently average 7,407 steps which equates to a distance of 6.19km walked and 513 calories burnt without me actually trying to do anything.

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