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So like most mornings during the work week I found myself awaiting the chariot to carry me off on my heroic adventure for the day (transperth bus to take me to work for the realists out there… spoilsports) there was a woman also waiting for the bus. Now in that regard I guess I am somewhat old fashioned as although I had been waiting there awhile I stepped back and let her board first.

She seemed somewhat surprised and thanked me. To me it is just a part of being polite and having good manners but I think that this is becoming increasingly more uncommon these days, however it did spurn a random thought.

Was the practice of ladies first born of a concept of chivalry, or was it something more basic and hormonal than that being the desire to look upon a ladies ass as she walks past. I had never thought of it that way before as typically I am not looking in that situation as I am being good mannered and that goes against it in that situation in my view, however in thinking about it I can understand how it could be viewed that way.

In the modern world chances are women may view it more that way. Got to love the random thoughts and ponderings in the morning as I am now quite curious.

3 Responses to Random thought for the morning

  • Kym says:

    Hmm, I always thought it was because women belonged to men back in the day when chivalry was more commonplace, so it was more about making sure she got into the carriage/chariot/bus and not make a run for (like any smart women would).

    But sure, probably dual purpose Joel…

  • Katie says:

    A lot of people belong to the school of thought that with the struggle for women’s equal rights in the last few decades, the burning of the bras and the like, we’ve in that process lost some of the niceties. There is a certain bitter strain that runs through some of the more pigheaded males I have unfortunately come across whereby they refuse old gentlemanly gestures because we whinge for more pay and equal standing. Such a shame.

  • jbawden says:

    @Kym: I’m trying to picture you belonging to your husband and him making sure you don’t do a runner and personally I find it hard to laugh, I think he belongs to you and your right hook 😉

    @Kate: Yeah that is always possible I guess, I think there should be equality based on ability and performance in given roles irrespective of gender but still haven’t lost my desire to do those small gestures as I feel it is just part of being polite and civilized.

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