Lest we forget

Here in Australia and New Zealand it is ANZAC day, a day of remembrance for the contributions and suffering of the men and women that have served our countries in times of war and the peace keeping operations that we have undertaken. Whilst war and the loss of life is always a tragic thing it does take special people that are willing to take up arms to fight for their country, or a cause and even if we don’t necessarily agree with what our nations choose to fight for that lies on our leaders and not the men and women who made the choice to serve.

I wrote this last year, but it is just as valid for today as it will be every year. Let us remember those who have fallen, and those who choose to stand in the line of fire for the years to come.

 Though the sun may set upon old battlefields,
A sword now sheathed, no reason to wield.
To friends, and foes now long since rest,
I thank those men that gave their best.

Those that have, and are willing to serve,
Unto us you leave a memory preserved.
The scars you carry: Both outside and in,
Bring them out in the open – it is not a sin.

Those who stand, being haunted by their past,
Our future you fought for, we hope it may last.
The world this day, we stand in your debt,
Unto you we say; Lest we forget.

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