The human brain is definitely a curious thing, we all possess one and the extent in which we make use of it differs from individual to individual. It’s a¬†wondrous organ responsible for our cognitive thought processes allowing for logical and rational thinking in what I like to hope is most of us. Aside from being the primary driver in our sentience and a key component of what makes us each it is also one of the greatest compression and extrapolation engines around in how we process, store, and recall our memories.

Memories they are scattered throughout our minds more often than not stored as fragments in different places and over time potentially incomplete however sights and sounds can act as a trigger and we then go about reconstructing and extrapolating the missing pieces to form a more complete, if not 100% accurate recollection of our pasts. Yesterday was somewhat interesting in that regard for me as I was sitting quietly on the bus heading into the daily ritual of being a working adult in a 9-5’er just listening to my ipod and not doing a great deal of thinking for a change when my mind decides to revisit experiences and people I once knew in high school, complete with sensory recollection of some things and I am honestly unsure of the trigger in this instance; Perhaps it was just the act of a wandering mind and sitting on a bus heading towards another day on a similar route to that of school days long gone.

It’s actually somewhat scary when I look back on it. Some things feel as if they were rather recent, some feel fresh in my mind and yet all of this took place in the 90’s and over 15/16 years have passed since those days. I have grown, matured, and made mistakes but they have all contributed to what makes me who I am today. And whilst sometimes keeping my mental state in balance and sometimes I struggle to halt a slide into apathy overall I like who I have become and I don’t want to be what I have been or anything other than me. All those years ago I didn’t really have a clue what I wanted to be when I grew up (mad scientist and astronaut did feature prominently) and I never would have guessed I would be doing what I am now I still don’t really consider myself “all grown up” sure I’m an adult and overall I am not really childish in most if not all things most of the time and overall I have no real clue what I will be when I do grow up but to me it is the journey that matters.

We all have our path to walk through life, even if there is no set destination (well except death, we all end up there at some point in the future; and at least without time travel we can’t find ourselves catching up to that point accidentally before time) and although I do not really have a destination in mind it will not stop me walking the path being the eternal student and optimist. There will always be things to see and learn and I hope the day never comes that I feel I have seen or done it all. But overall when I grow up I hope to have made the world, or at least the world for some people a better and brighter place.

And I guess my lesson is to try and let go of the past, for it cannot be changed; Old man Zangetsu said it pretty well.

“Cast off your fear!
Look Forward, go forward!
Never stand still, retreat and you will age.
Hesitate and you will die”

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