The ‘morrow (version 1)

Well this at least fleshes out the imagery and concepts that I wanted to turn into a poem, overall I don’t think it flows particularly right so I figure it is a work in progress and may as well record it so I don’t forget it and can come back to it later. I really do wish I was better at articulating things that tend to circulate around in my noggin.

“Dwell not on yesterday for its race has been done,
Of lessons, tribulations and battles now won.
Good or Bad; right or wrong,
We each search for where we belong.

Pain and regret companions now,
Make your choice; to whom do you bow?

Dwell not upon the past you cannot change,
For if you do what shall remain?
Unto us we are given each day,
With it shall you find a way?

With each night the ‘morrow comes,
Can you figure out what must be done?

Although the past now feels prearranged,
The future is yours, it can be changed.
Walk through each day as if it’s your last,
For mortal lives they go too fast.

Have you figured out what has been done?
For with each new day you have already won.”

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