An interesting experience

So yesterday afternoon was round 3 for my lower wisdom teeth, the upper ones came out on the first visit without any real issue however I hit the anesthetic cap and still had feeling in my lower jaw so the attempt was postponed. After a few days I went back in for another attempt and after 7 needles into the nerve I was still happily conversing and after 45 minutes I felt another needle going in so my dentist put the stops on it as extraction would have been traumatic and recommended that I got for sedation and get knocked out for it.

Fast forward to yesterday and that was the events of my afternoon, went in and jumped on the chair and had a cannular put into my arm which took a few goes, 3 on the top and then switched to the bottom of my arm which went in thankfully first go and I then watched the white liquid make its way into my blood stream.  I was a little apprehensive around the experience as the last time I recall getting put under I was a little kid for my tonsils and adenoids and have read some stories of some very loopy people coming out of it so was somewhat curious as to what would take place.

Two thoughts occurred to me whilst watching it go in; The first as it was a white liquid was “My life for the founders” on the Jem’Hadar addiction to Ketracel White in Deep Space Nince. The second a tad more practical being I wonder how long this will take to kick in. Losing and regaining consciousness was not like typical for me; Usually I have some awareness before I am fully awake and it takes a bit to be fully alert and conscious when I wake up; This was like being turned into standby mode on a computer and instantly restoring to where I was once powered back on as the next thing I remember after that wasn’t regaining consciousness but being straight awake like normal and just asking the dentist if it was all done. I went from completely awake and conscious to completely awake and conscious with nothing in between and it was a rather odd feeling.

I was apparently going to be groggy and woozy and the nurse went to get me a wheelchair but as soon as she left I just stood up and grabbed my bag and put my glasses back on without any dizziness or crazy thoughts like I’m a uuuunicorn, duty of care however wouldn’t let me leave without being in a wheelchair so I got wheeled to the train station but it really wasn’t necessary. When I got home I engaged my usual method of dealing with illness or the need to recover being switched off and went to sleep, although I woke up a couple of times to use the toilet and take some pain killers the second time was pretty much a straight and solid sleep.

Woke up with a headache which would be due to not eating for a couple of days and my lower jaw reasonably aching, the headache actually bothered me more than the jaw. In the end it proved that I had nothing to be anxious about similar to my historical fear of needles; All I needed was a decent practitioner to help me overcome my irrational fear. I did end up hitting the cap on my health insurance so yesterday was $2,800 and left me rather glad that I didn’t end up taking a holiday last month.

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