Like most days I don’t tend to have formulated plans aside from the usual work day but as the day fined up after the rains of yesterday I thought it would be nice to have a bit of an evening walk. I figured I would mix that with my love of udon noodle soup and stop off at the Japanese place about 1.5km from my place on the way home from work. Stopped off there on the way home, ordered as normal and was really looking forward to the kara udon soup as my body is back in the phase of making me regret it if I don’t have three meals a day at the moment and I have always loved the taste of it from there.

Queue the arrival of the meal, the guy behind the counter had misheard me and thought I had asked for the kara box meal and not the kara udon and that was brought out and needless to say given that I was looking forward to that particular meal I was rather disappointed and was about to tell them they had made a mistake and request the correct meal when something dawned on me and made me feel ashamed in myself. I went there because I was hungry and needed dinner, I didn’t need a particular meal and that fell into the want category and what was provided was more than adequate to fulfill my hunger needs.

So I thanked him for the meal and sat down and ate it.

It is easy to take a lot of things in life for granted, the fact that I have adequate access to a wide variety of food that is safe to eat and the ability to afford the luxury of eating out and not having to make / plan my own meals when there are so many not only in my own country but all the nations of the world that struggle to fulfill that basic need. What the hell gives me the right to be disappointed that my meal wasn’t quite what I ordered, why should it be thrown out (which it likely would have been as it is made fresh) simply because it wasn’t quite what I wanted, but was more than adequate to meet my dietary needs.

It ended up being a very tasty meal, and certainly silenced my growling stomach which left me feeling content and full, something for which I am grateful for.

Events and plans don’t always go the way we expect, or want them to and whilst we cannot control that how we react and deal with them defines who we are. There are very few things that can ruin your day, unless you choose to allow them the power to do so.

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