Well I discovered a couple of things this morning, firstly I should probably carry a notebook around with me however that would probably necessitate the need to carry around a shoulder bag or some such to keep it in as I found that I don’t particularly like writing on my phone very much it feels rather inconvenient however it does have the added benefit of being able to cut and paste sentences around in different orders rather easily. That one came in handy this morning whilst I jotted something out on the bus on my way into work for the day, the final version was about 3 cuts into it of differing orders and happened over the course of about 15 minutes.

The other is on the Galaxy S 4 there is the S Note a handy little notepad, well it turns out that it isn’t so handy as the amount of space you are able to use before it tells you memo is full is rather limiting, it’s kinda more like a post it note app rather than a true notepad as you don’t get a page; Might have to migrate over to office if I continue jotting on my phone.

Was catching up on facebook on my daily commute to work and there were a few posts and phrases that gave me the idea of this, so I wrote it for a friend.



Though I may run,
Though I may fight,
Though I fall and rise again,
My worth of self shall never wane.

Demons rise and demons fall,
This pain though real, I shall defeat them all.
Run and fight through this long night,
Because I know I will be all right.

Fight or flight,
Forget the pain
As here I stand dancing in the rain.

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